VNReader Advance Guide/Tutorial Part 5

Sometimes it’s hard to point out where the problem comes from and sometimes we have to double check if something really is happening. Today I’m going to teach you how to submit and trace bugs/errors on VNR as well as troubleshooting and accessing the forums.

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Debug what?

It’s easy to point out that the program has errors, but how do people determine whats the cause of it? Enter debugging. (Debug Monitor). Everything you do in VNR as well as what VNR is working on will be logged in the black screen (Debug Monitor).

Debug Monitor VNR

  • In the Visual Novel Reader folder > Scripts ,  there’s Debug VNR.cmd.
  • Double click it. This will open up a cmd window that will let you see VNR’s behavior as well as launching VNR.

Scenario 1 : Red Text

Red errors debug monitorRed text often denotes error. In this example, VNR has detected that the selected text thread in the game exceeded to the maximum allowed of characters which is set to 1000.  It’s not an error in this case, this simply tells you that it can’t display the text because it exceeded 1000 characters.


In this example however, PPSSPP suddenly crashed after  launching a game. Now this is something that should be reported.

Scenario 2: Nothings happening!

Nothings going onWith VNR’s new PSP text hooking feature, people often wonder if VNR really works or not, if in doubt be sure to use the debugger. In this case, though there are no errors shown in the debug monitor, the log shows that VNR have tried every known PSP engine that it can detect but unfortunately it can’t detect anything at all.

Reporting problemsForums

  • Take a screenshot of the problem with the debug console.
  • Visit the (both are the same website) forums and make a thread. Ignore “Site under construction”. The forums are online and accessible.
  • Log-in to your VNR account or register.
  • The Subject(a) are the forum sections. Latest topics are listed in Topic(a). Go to Subject(a) > Visual Novel Reader
  • To create a topic on the upper right beneath the black top menu click “+New” select at topic type, I usually select “Question”
  • Fill in the text boxes with the necessary information and don’t forget to include the screenshot.
  • Click submit


  • Before reporting, make sure you are using the latest VNR. To update, you can force update via Spring Board. Click and swipe the Spring Board to the left and click “Update”. (as seen in Tutorial part 4)
  • It’s best if you include these information on your post if you want someone to help you.

OS (operating system) : Ex Windows 7/8/8.1
VNR version:
Game title:

Beyond the tutorials

Visit the official wiki for more technical details, documentation and stuff not covered in my simple guides.




9 thoughts on “VNReader Advance Guide/Tutorial Part 5

  1. Hi. I’m new. I tried out the VNR on Black Wolves Saga Lost Hope cause I saw on your list of games that it worked perfectly! XD

    Well it’s running smoothly, and I’ve followed all of the instructions but I do see any translations! O_O
    I tried it with another game (Arabians Lost The Engagement on Desert) and while the translation makes very little sense, there are translations. Please help me!!! (TT__TT)


    1. If you don’t see any translations in BlackWolves Saga Lost Hope then that means you didn’t adjust the text threads setting. For the translations, theres nothing much I can’t do about it, Machine translations have 40% accuracy. Not even google translation can help anyone. However it only guides the users a bit on Japanese, it’s not grammar perfect but it’s sometimes understandable and thats the whole point in using tools like VNR.


  2. Hello, first thank for all your nice tutorials. I have a problem with certain games, I don’t have no text thread at all. I check the settings and all but still doe not appear. Do you know what can be wrong ? It’s not all games


  3. hello, im a bit confused on how atlas and lec play into this. I managed to find the download links for both on your site and will be installing. when i start of VNR does it just automatically show ATLAS and LEC like it did in your tutorial video?

    also, on a side note i was trying to use VNR with pigeon blood and the most accurate text thread seems to repeat everything twice D;


  4. Hello, thanks for the tutorial. I have a problem, i can’t see the translation for pop up choices in the game…. do you know what’s wrong with it?..
    Thank you…


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