VNREADER Advance Guide/Tutorial PART 4

Did you know that you can click and swipe the Springboard to the left to reveal more VNR tools?

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Software Update

Force updates your VNR to the latest version.

Shared dictionary

Access shared dictionary without the need to open the game

Machine Translation

Test how VNR handles machine translation. Similar to Translation Aggregator.

Japanese Dictionary

Access and makes use of your UniDic,MeCab, Edict dictionary that you’ve downloaded .

Text Reader

Similar to ChiiTransLite. It simply translate text on your clipboard or what your mouse hovers on. Currently in alpha stage.

Game Finder

Easy access to find game information via existing Japanese Game database sites.

Game Board

Annot.Me’s visual novel database.

Regular Expression

Test RegEx here before adding them to the shared dictionary.


You can use this tester to play with BBCode that you could use to format subtitles.

Youtube Downloader

Download game trailers in youtube.

Web Browser (Website Reader)

Integrated machine translator in a browser. Currently in alpha stage.

Regular Expression

If you want to learn how to make use of Regular Expression, you can try taking lessons from RegExOne.

Web Browser (Website Reader)

Jichi made a browser that would enable users to toggle Furigana text, use offline machine translator, enable pop-up dictionaries as well as enable text to speech feature. This is will aid non-JP users for browsing JP websites and walk-through blogs.

Example site:



  Website in Chrome

 Furigana enabled in Website Reader



 Infoseek Translation enabled  in Website Reader

Website Reader: Preferences


TA Replacement script (ErzoTL’s replacement script)

In version 8/16/2014 12:86, the replacement script by Erzotl with modifications has been integrated in VNR.  This will normalize JP dialogue and supposedly improves machine translation which was commonly used in the old TAHelper. [Wiki]

  1. Go to Preferences > Translation > Scripts
  2. You can check both J-J and J-E correction, it’s up to you.

2 thoughts on “VNREADER Advance Guide/Tutorial PART 4

  1. hey Sakimichi, do you know how to enable ErzoTL’s script in the latest VNR version? There is no Preferences/Translations/Scripts anymore … is it the Japanese-English translation script (by @riz) thingy now ?

    I’m asking because I’ve seen some people have really decent translations, but when I run mine it sucks >.<


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