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Quick updates!

Updated VNR basic tutorial with the latest version of VNR. I’ll probably do the same with the advance tutorials soon.


  1. Updated links.
  2. Updated screenshots.
  3. Added additional steps and showed my settings.

Visual Novel Reader Update #140317

The change of web servers were the cause of the permanent”Sign-in failed” with VNR. All VNR versions downloaded before 3/1/2014 will have the same problem.  Translation were not submitted online. You need to re-download VNR again. Update #140302 fixes this.

Just fixed the server-side issue. Since the IP addresses for the new web servers are changed, all old versions of VNR before 3/1/2014 are broken T_T
I guess ahan sama have to redownload VNR manually.

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5 J-RPG Horror Games You Should Play

What I really love about horror J-RPG games is that, they’re not the typical “screamer” horror game that most of the same genre are offering. You gotta love how the authors penned abysmal story lines and how they idealize a characters psychology as the story goes on and oh…..  possible plot twists and ends too~ They may not win in terms of complexity of graphics, but they do win with the rest of the aspects on what makes a game satisfying.

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