You found a really good looking person and decided to say Hi. Unfortunately, talking to him turned out to be a plot to get you killed and you found yourself running away from him. Amidst the busy streets, you bumped into someone who turns out to be a mafia boss. Welcome to the world of chaos and power.

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Miyaji’s Bikini Scene

I can’t help but be happy after completing Miaji’s route in Starry Sky ~In Summer~. He’s a conservative yet sweet loving, demonic yet hard working serious athlete with a temper. I was quite tempted with Azusa’s route at first (my shota senses are ting-gu-ling) but Miyaji’s tsuun~ side makes me want to rape him in the corner take him on first. 

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Yo-Jin-Bo is probably the first Otome game that has been licensed to English. You found an antique necklace in a historical excavation site, upon bringing it at home, a ghastly hologram of a princess named Hatsuhime appeared seeking for help.  Whether you decline or accept, you will be pulled to the past and help her escape her assassination.5 bodyguards were hired to help you escape. Depending on your choice, you’d end up with one of them or die (Bad End).