A Birdieful guide to fix Hatoful Boyfriend Resolution.

I made this tutorial to those who have square monitors like me and to those having an awful screen resolution .I’m too plebe to afford a widescreen monitor and Hatoful only detects 1 game resolution with my graphic card. So how do I solve this coo coo mess?

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VNReader Advance Guide/Tutorial Part 5

Sometimes it’s hard to point out where the problem comes from and sometimes we have to double check if something really is happening. Today I’m going to teach you how to submit and trace bugs/errors on VNR as well as troubleshooting and accessing the forums.

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Atlas – Adding words tutorial

Originally posted on No life no bomb graze only:
How to add a Japanese word into Atlas properly? Firstly, this article is intended for those who is already familiar with at least basic Japanese. And I only describe mostly used word type only, anyway. Well, let’s to the point. 1. Noun Adding human names I recommend “Uncountable – Human”. But since we don’t know which part is “family name” and “given name”, and moreover, there is a lot of possibilities between it, so you might want to register it as “Regular Noun – Human”. The downside for using  as “Regular… Continue reading Atlas – Adding words tutorial