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Starry Sky Translation: Finally!

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Merry Christmas From Starry Sky

Honey Bee has done it again! Get a Christmas message, a desktop wallpaper, and a twitter header from your favorite zodiac boy from their cute interactive website now!, ( while it lasts~!)  Here’s the link to the website. [Click]

I took Haruki’s present..aww <3

Haruki Naoshi Christmas

After Christmas ends I’ll post back-ups of the zip files here. They’re probably taking track of how many fans are downloading their content right now, so invite friends to get themselves a gift~ Support the fandom everyone :D

Miyaji’s Bikini Scene

I can’t help but be happy after completing Miaji’s route in Starry Sky ~In Summer~. He’s a conservative yet sweet loving, demonic yet hard working serious athlete with a temper. I was quite tempted with Azusa’s route at first (my shota senses are ting-gu-ling) but Miyaji’s tsuun~ side makes me want to rape him in the corner take him on first. 

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