VNReader Advance Guide/Tutorial Part 1

About this tutorial

This advance guide and tutorial will help you understand how to setup your VNReader as well as learni on how to unlock its full capability as an all-in-one visual novel translation tool.
 The vast options and functions are amazing and often missed out by most translators and users. The best thing to do is to explore the program!
What is covered:
  • Spring Board
  • Preferences
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Spring Board

Consider this as your second desktop from now on. This serves as a game launcher of the visual novels. If you want to launch the game with VN reader, use the Spring Board by double clicking on the games’ icon.
Visual Novel Reader Spring Bo
The Icon Dock
Houses the four primary functionalities of VNR.
 Launchpad-Icon Launch This will automatically detect the running visual novel game and adds it in your Spring Board . Note that you only need to do this if you are adding the game for the first time. If it won’t detect the running game, use the Game Wizard.
Game Wizard Game Wizard This will help you setup your visual novel game to work with VNR. Note that you only need to do this if you are adding the game for the first time.
 Game Board Game Board  VNR’s online information database of Visual Novels. Similar to VNDB but with added information.
 setting Preferences  You can change how VNR behaves with your game as well as storing your log-in information as a translator.
The Game Bar
If you click on your game icon , the Game Bar will appear beneath the Icon Dock. You can edit the game information as well as discuss about the visual novel in the forum.
Edit   You can change the app locale, game title, and change the system time. Because some games wont run because your computer time is not set to Japan, VNReader fixes that.
Info Displays the game information taken from the VNR online database. You can also edit the information if VNR can’t find game information.
Launch Opens your visual novel with VNR
Discuss Redirects you to the Sakuradite forum. You can discuss with fans or fellow translators.
Remove Removes the game from your VNR. This does not uninstall the game.
Browse Locates where you installed the game.
Right click functionalities
Since the Spring Board will act as your secondary desktop, you can right click on your game icon to reveal more functionalities.
All functions are explained below.
Sync with running game Launches your game with VNR as well as submitting your offline translations online.
Update game database Updates game terms and game relationships. Example: Sequels/Prequels
Update Shared Dictionary Updates shared translation dictionary.
Game Board
Game Wizard
Please refer to “The Icon Dock” discussed previously.
Check for updates Updates VNR to the latest version.
About Shows your VNR version, updates VNR, credits to developers and contributors, and a link to the Wiki.
Wiki Takes you to the VNR wiki.
Restart Restarts VNR.
Quit Exits VNR.


You can change how VNR behaves with your game as well as storing your Sakuradite log-in information. If you happen to edit  information like the shared dictionary or adding subtitles, it will be credited under your username.
Consider setting up your  account at Sakuradite. Every translation/dictionary entry you submit will be credited under your  username. If you don’t setup an account, your submission will be marked as Guest.
UI Change this one if you want to translate visual novels in another language other than English.
Gender Sets your gender.
Color Sets the font color of your submitted translation/shared dictionary entry.
Register If you want to make an account click on this button after you input your details.
If you want to log-in to your account simply close the preferences window after inputting your password. To change your avatar you need to go log-in at the Sakuradite website and change it over there.
VNR has an improved text hooker that succeeded ITH. It allows for ATLAS or LEC translation to be embedded on supported game engines listed on the wiki. Here’s a demonstration on embedded translations.
Here you can download free resources that helps game launching and free tools. Particularly Japanese app locale and offline Japanese to English dictionary to work with VNR.
This is where you need to tinker the location of installed tools/programs, these are programs that work with VNR.
Launch Will help you setup Locale Emulator (Better than App Locale). You need to install it yourself then manually locate its installation directory using “Browse”. These Locale emulators are used to make the program think that your computer is set to Japan settings because some games won’t run if you don’t do so. You don’t need to do this if you have manually set your computers locale to Japanese using Windows “Language and Region” in the control panel.
Translators This is the most important part if you want an offline machine translator. VNR will automatically detect offline machine translators installed on your machine particularly ATLAS and LEC. You need ATLAS version 14 and LEC version 15.
Dictionaries Plan on studying Japanese words/phrases? Install the dictionaries and you can hover on the game text to reveal definitions.


TTS This is particularly useful to the games’ characters with no voices. Text-to-speech (TTS) programs will read it for you. You can get Voiceroid, but if you can’t afford it you can use Google’s online text to speech instead.
OCR There are some things that VNR can’t get text. For example, game menus. OCR (optical character recognition), as the name implies, converts an image to text.
Change the setting of your installed offline dictionary and machine translator here.
Text-To Speech
After setting up the location of your installed text-to-speech (TTS) program, you can choose which one to deploy. Choose Google TTS if you don’t have Voiceroid or VoiceText. This will help setup the text-to-speech functionality of VNR.
Changes subtitle/translation  font colors and shadows.
After setting up the location of your preferred LOCALE emulator, you can choose to enable it here as well as change eto Japan time as well.
Customize the look of your Spring Board here. Change the wallpaper or change the cursor.
Changing the wallpaper
  1. Open the Spring Board
  2. Click on the Preferences icon
  3. On the sidebar click UI
  4. Drag or Browse your favorite wallpaper
Block or choose your preferred translation languages here. Un-checking the box enables the language chosen.
Enables/Disables some VNR functions.
This ends part 1 of VNR’s advance features. Proceed to part 2.


Help and Support

If you have problems in setting up VN reader, the official VNR forum is the place you want to go. {Here}



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  1. I need help! I accidently choose to hide the text box during the game and now the subtitle is gone! I tried re-installing the new VNR but to no avail. Please help me :(


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