A Birdieful guide to fix Hatoful Boyfriend Resolution.

I made this tutorial to those who have square monitors like me and to those having an awful screen resolution .I’m too plebe to afford a widescreen monitor and Hatoful only detects 1 game resolution with my graphic card. So how do I solve this coo coo mess?

The problem:

My Hatoful Boyfriend looks terrible in full screen. The character stretches out and even the fonts are stretched out.

I can only choose 1 screen resolution in the settings.


How to play Hatoful Boyfriend in beautiful Full Screen

1.)Download and Install
 .NET Framework 4.5 and  Visual Studio 2013 redistributable package.

2.)Then install Gedosato.
Filename: GeDoSaToUpdater.exe
Make sure it’s installed in drive C:/ in GeDoSaTo folder.

3.)Gedasto should now run after installation.
If not go to C:\GeDoSaTo and double click “GeDoSaToTool.exe”.

4.)Add Hatoful boyfriend in “Whitelist” by copy pasting this

hatoful || Hatoful Boyfriend

and click “Save”.

2014-11-26_172240 2014-11-26_172349

5.)Click “Activate”


6.) Run Hatoful Boyfriend in steam and you should see new Screen resolution values. I choose 3200×1800, and the Window check box should be unchecked and hit “Play!”

2014-11-26_172647Hatoful Boyfriend full screen problem solved


Before and After

2014-11-26_173036 2014-11-26_172918


So where did the new screen resolution values come from and how do I change them?

1.)Click “Edit Settings” in GeDoSaTo and change the following values to your liking. Don’t forget to click “Save”

Gedostato settings

Yay it’s fixed! What now?

I highly recommend you to go thank and support the developer of Gedostato. If it weren’t for his free tool, we’d go nuts over this. He’s accepting donations in his post here.


Leave a comment :) This will make me happy~

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