Ozmafia!! Oz Family

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CaramiaCaramia – Oz Family – Mafia Boss-

The leader of each Mafia Family was known as the Boss or Don. He made all the major decisions. His authority was required to control the Mafia members and to resolve any disputes. 

Caramia is well-known for his courage and gentleness. He is the Mafia boss of the Oz territory and is highly respected even by other family bosses. But even if he has the highest position, he can still be bossed around by his right hand man Kyrie (with good intentions of course). He likes reading books and secretly wants to  surpass Kyrie’s knowledge. Even though he looks sturdy, he has a bad health and once showed Fuka his drawer full of pills. it cant be

He treats Fuka like his own daughter but there are times where he regrets for being too kind because his feelings and true intentions are often overlooked. Throughout the game Caramia shows things that he thought could impress Fuka, like cooking meals or protecting her but when they got into a relationship, it was easier said than done. Because of his position, he spends less time with her and this made Fuka sad.

In the latter part of the game, Kyrie revealed that  they were once not human and Caramia was once a cowardly lion. Fuka overhears Caramia and Kyrie talking that Fuka’s scent reminds Caramia of the girl who was once meant very dear to him. This leads to their strained relationship. Caramia won’t tell Fuka about the other girls’ existence, and with that she can choose the divergent path. She can pick either Axel or Kyrie. (Thats how the gameplay is for the Oz guys).

The news broke out that Hameln is seen rampaging around time. Caramia, being careful with Fuka didn’t let her involve in the mess and left the mansion to pursue Hameln. Kyrie warned Fuka not to go outside but she did anyway. She was going to surprise Caramia but was accidentally shot instead. It was Fuka’s fault for appearing during the fight pissed This caused Caramia’s courage to disappear.

 Good ending #1:
After she recovered she became the substitute for Caramia’s absence and eventually got kidnapped by Hameln. Caramia regained back his courage after hearing Fuka is in danger. They got married afterwards but got interrupted by Caesar~ huehuehue

Bad ending #1:
Caramia didn’t regain his courage but was brave enough to show up and take damage from Hameln and got help from Kyrie and Axel.The scene fast forwards to where Caramia clinging to Fuka, telling her that the outside world is scary. She re-assured and praised him for at least having the courage to go out of the mansion.


 Kyrie -Oz Family- Consigliere

Consigliere is an advisor to the family. They are used as a mediator of disputes or representatives or aids in meetings with other Families. They often keep the Family looking as legitimate as possible, and are, themselves, legitimate apart from some minor gambling or loan sharking. 

Kyrie is a mischievous twisted person whole throughout the game. The people would often question Fuka’s bad taste for a partner, but she knows he hides a really sweet side to him. Kyrie would often bully Axel and Caramia but he does dirtier jobs just to get information. He’s the brains of the family as well as the one who manages the Casino and owns a bar. He knows that both Caramia and Axel harbor feelings for Fuka and puts her feelings to a test by pretending to show disinterest towards her, and twists words to test question her real feelings. In the end, she realizes this and still chose to be with him, this made Kyrie really happy (on the inside).

He proposed to Fuuka by giving his brain. This is the pendant which he acquired from the great wizard of Oz. He told her to keep it safe at all times. Unfortunately she got chased after the Wolfgang and eventually loses the pendant.

 Good ending #1:
Ceasar manage to keep the pendant unharmed. Fuka was rescued by Kyrie and told her that the pendant was a fake. He showed her a ring with the real gem and proposed to her. Caramia was not pleased that Kyrie feigned to be stupid. Kyrie tells him he enjoyed watching their pained expression when he acted. He even flirts with Fuka in Caramia’s office to piss him off. love

Bad ending #1:
The pendant was broken and Kyrie’s personality turned a change for the worse. He reverted back to his idiot personality but he still tried his best to save Fuka from Caesar. Both of them were save by Caramia and Axel and they returned to the mansion. Despite being brainless, Kyrie still has feelings for Fuka. In the second play through, Caramia was doubtful about Kyrie’s sudden change of personality and tells him that he  doesn’t have to be depress about the pendant getting crushed because it was just an item that the great Oz give and he believes that Kyrie really is smart on the inside. Still, this didn’t change Kyrie’s psychological behavior and tell Caramia he doesn’t understand what he’s trying to say.


Axel – Oz Family –Caporegime

 A Capo (sometimes called a Captain) is in charge of a crew. There are usually four to six crews in each family, possibly even seven to nine crews, each one consisting of up to ten Soldiers. 

Axel is hostile to Fuka. He treats her harshly and he simply can’t believe that Fuka lost her memories. Being the family’s caporegime, he’s quite protective of his boss. He regains trust to Fuka when she attempted to save him from the Wolfgang. The act she did proved that she wasn’t plotting anything with Caesars group.

He has an abnormal healing power and this is why Kyrie would often make him a canon fodder for troublesome fights. He loves sweets, to the point where he even risk his life for it.umm

His main weapon is an axe, but Kyrie finds it inappropriate and uncool so he’s forced to use a shotgun. But his aim sucks and he often uses his shotgun to hit people, Kyrie doesn’t care about it though he prefers him to suffer. really?!Though he acquired the heart, he doesn’t know how to use it. He’s quite oblivious to other people’s feelings.

He often ran to Caramia for consultation and says he’d rather kill himself than consulting his love problems with Kyrie.

Axel and Fuka’s relationship problem started when he avoided Fuka after almost crushing her with his hug. He was troubled on how what to do in a relationship that he spent his time patrolling the Oz territory to cool down his head. When Axel arrived at Caramia’s office, he saw Caramia and Fuka getting too close to each other. This was a misunderstanding which led to Axel getting drunk. Caramia carried him back to the mansion and proposed to Fuka. He thinks Axel is a good boy but can’t love Fuka properly.Fluster

By choosing Axel, the couple spend their time together even more. Caramia acknowledges and he even let them do patrolling works together. Axel would stop by at pastry shops with Fuka and their patrols turned to daily dates. One day Axel told Fuka to go back to the mansion so he could secretly buy her a hair ornament. Unfortunately, someone assaulted him and this broke his “heart”. He woke up having no feelings or connection to Fuka but still remembers her as his girlfriend. He blames So for attacking him but nobody believed Axel because So looks harmless.grrrr

Good ending #1: He regained his heart after protecting Fuuka from Hameln.
Bad ending #1: He didn’t regain his heart but he felt his blood rushing and realizes that he really does have feelings for Fuuka. He tries his best to regain what once was lost.

You might be wondering why I put #’s on every ending. It’s because for every character there are 6 possible endings. 2 main endings and 2 divergent routes for the other two guys.  Yes the game is huge and long and there are a handful of characters to choose from. Second playthroughs reveal a guys point-of-view and the dialogues are funny and witty. yay

My favorite Oz guy would be Kyrie. I expected his character to be a pure sarcasm king but it turned out that he’s the one who loved you the most. THE MOST! Seriously, you gotta love his plot and schemes just to make  Fuka’s wishes come true. Sometimes his methods are questionable, especially when he introduced you to the brothel staff. This part wasn’t explained well in the game, I tried unlocking dialogues and even finished the Brothel route but there was no explanation why Kyrie did it. It’s as if the staff forgot to point it out. Caramia was the most pitiful for loosing his courage. Both Kyrie and Axel has items to hold on to but Caramia had nothing. poor bbycrey

I recommend finishing the diverging routes, because of those hot post coital pictures of the three..hahaha. At least Poni-Pachet is telling us girls to move on in a relationship to get these half-naked bishie CG.  ehehehe

I listened to their character songs. With Caramia and Axel already out,I gotta say I recommend them to you, especially Axel’s. He has great voice and choice of song normal


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  1. Anyone please , do a guide about all kind of route T_T I can’t find good/bad end route with Kyrie…I meet Kyrie every time! But after him my way always become to the “Axel route” and i got good/bad end with Axel ! But why?? Somebody help :((


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