You found a really good looking person and decided to say Hi. Unfortunately, talking to him turned out to be a plot to get you killed and you found yourself running away from him. Amidst the busy streets, you bumped into someone who turns out to be a mafia boss. Welcome to the world of chaos and power.

The town is divided into mafia families. Mafia families have corresponding territories and rules, they can fight for more land or protect what they have. Territories are marked by the floor brick color.Sunday is the agreed “Peace pact” where people are free to roam the territories as they wish. Violence is not allowed on sundays~

With the territorial rule in effect, Caramia and his family drove away Caesar by flaunting their guns and scaring him by their numbers. Caesar has no choice but to give up on the heroine. When the mafia boss asked for the girl’s name she fainted, and she woke up to what seems to look like the living room of the Oz family.

With no memories or data about the girl, the Oz adopted our heroine until the day she decides which family she would belong to. Caramia lets her decide her name and she chose “Fuka”. Thus started the daily life of the innocent young lady.


Oz Famiglia
 Caramia  Kyrie  Axel  Fuka
01-caramia 02-kyrie 03-axel 00-fuka
Grimm Famiglia
 Hameln  Scarlet  Hansel  Gretel
14-hameln 11-scarlet 12-hansel 13-gretel
Andersen Famiglia
 Ande  Melisus  Aeling
61-ande 63-melisus 62-aelling
Heidi Famiglia
 Heidi  Peter
41-heidi Peter
Boots Famiglia (Stivali)
 Pashet  Bercy
31-pashet Boots
 Caesar  So
21-caesar 22-so
Sherwood Clinic
 Robin Hood
~Oscar Wilde~
 Dorian Grey  Manboy  Alfani
53-doriangray 52-manboy 51-alfani



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