Chiitrans Lite Tutorial

Chiitrans and Chiitrans2 development has been abandoned and Chiitrans Lite was born. Unlike its predecessors there are no script replacements used except for names and it doesn’t support other languages except English.  Nonetheless, it’s quite light and easy to use. It’s developed by alexbft and uses a modified VNR engine.

Recommended System Requirements


Installation and hooking

  1. Download and install Chiitrans Lite . Choose Binaries > Installer in the sidebar.
  2. Run Chiitrans Lite and you will see this window.
    •  Chiitrans-Lite
  3. Open the desired visual novel game and follow these steps to hook Chiitrans Lite.
    • chiitrans-lite-2
  4. Once hook, the translation window will appear.
  5. Skip to the part where characters are talking.
  6. Match the character dialogue to the one on the game by checking the check box.
    • chiitrans3
  7. Once you  found the correct character dialogue select “Ignore new Contexts” in the drop down box and minimize Chiitrans Lite. Now you’re done. Go celebrate or something.
    • chiitrans4

Adding names

Adding names to your Chiitranslite improves translation. This will tell ATLAS “Hey this is a character name! Don’t translate this literally”.

  1. Open Chiitrans Lite window.Select “Options”
  2. Select ” Parsing”
  3. Select “Edit names…”
  4. The format is pretty simple. Just add the Japanese name followed by a space then an = then the Translation of the name.
2014-08-06_171249 NamesDictionary
Step 1-3 Step 4


Optional stuff

  1. An updated ATLAS Dictionary
    1. Follow the Atlas Environment tutorial. Add that dictionary as well as Erzotl’s.
    2. Arrange the dictionaries in this order. Atlas Dictionary order
    3. Overwrite “General” in Atlas with the updated Atlas Environment.
  2. Adding /removing  translation services
    1. Options
    2. Translations > Additional Translators
    3. Select and drag a”Available Translators” to “Selected Translators. Click ok.
    • chiitrans5


  • Unlike VNR, Chiitrans Lite doesn’t have a shared online dictionary and submitted translations. Nevertheless, I recommend this to people who are okay with plain atlas and faster performance.
  • If you want to support the author, drop by at his thread over at hongfire.

13 thoughts on “Chiitrans Lite Tutorial

  1. Reblogged this on Visually Neko and commented:
    A good lightweight alternative to Visual Novel Reader. Recommended if you are impatient and want to read Japanese untranslated visual novels immediately. Well, I’ll be trying this out on Eiyuu*Senki, haha.


  2. So what exactly does “atlas environment tutorial” entail, because the link takes me to one of the mentionend dictionaries but doesn’t mention anything about ATLAS enviroment.


    1. If you followed fhc’s tutorial you’re basically customizing how atlas translates as well as adding dictionaries. Its like adding custom profiles to atlas. You can change it according to your needs. I myself made custom environments and dictionaries for kansai and formal/informal Japanese and i switch to them when i need it.


  3. I have a little Problem. The Program itself works fine, and the Translations are faster and often more better then many laggier online Services, like i used to use with VNR.
    But the chiitrans Translation window shows only ONE Line. How can i change that ?
    What i mean is when the original Game Text is one Line, works as intended.
    When the Game text has 2 ore more Lines, in the Translation Window the Lines show up but fade away extremly fast ( 0,1 secs or so ) so that i cant read em, and only the last Line will


    1. Unfortunately this is now considered as an abandonware, I don’t see the developer actively fixing issues or having interest in continuing his project. It had quite the potential..


  4. Bit of a shame Chiitrans depends on another program (Atlas v14) that needs to be payed for and aint a easy install either (finding the correct pages that say you need to pay for it and download Atlas is a job on its own already.
    After that comming back here and connecting these 2 programs. Quite something to handle for most people. Maybe a complete ”install button” on the main page for those that are not into doing a study on installing a program can be usefull.


  5. Chitrans lite is a massive step down from the original.

    Lite refuses to translate 50% of the text, just returning the word (Skip) instead, and there seems to be no option to disable this.


    1. Unfortunately this is now considered as an abandonware, I don’t see the developer actively fixing issues or having interest in continuing his project. It had quite the potential..


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