Visual Novel Reader Advance Features

Visual Novel Reader Tutorial

This is the Advance tutorial of VN Reader. If you are already familiar with the basics of VN Reader and wanted to explore more of it’s capabilities then this tutorial/guide is for you!

  • Tutorial Index: Basics, Advance
  • Last Updated: February 3, 2012
  • Changes:
    • —revised and added the new features.
    • —added guide for backlog.

For the updated version please proceed here .

Pinku desu

Table of Contents

  • Spring Board
  • Getting to Know the Game Window
  • Preferences
  • System Tray
  • Scratch Pad
  • Text Backlog

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Spring Board

The Spring Board acts as a virtual desktop launcher of your Visual Novels. Whenever you want to use VN reader again with your game, you must open the “Spring Board” and click on the visual novel game icon.

  • Changing the wallpaper (Screenshot)
    • Drag and drop any image that you want into the Spring Board and the wallpaper is changed.

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Getting to know the game window

game window

Subtitle Area 

  • —This is where the subtitles/translations appear . VN Reader calls it text area but I prefer calling it Subtitle Area since there’s another text area below the game window.
    • Moving the Subtitle Area
      • The Subtitle Area is quite interactive. Try left clicking and drag downwards, you’ll notice the buttons “Unlock” and “Lock”.
      • If you hate the subtitles for appearing above the game, click “Unlock” and drag the black bar above “Unlock” and move it to a place where you want the subtitles to appear. You can put it outside the game or above the dialogues. Then when you’re down click “Lock” to lock it into place. (Screenshot)
    • Text to speech function
      • If you have enabled Text to Speech function in the “Preferences” in “Feature Tab” then you can use this. A woman will read the Japanese text in the “Subtitle Area”
      • Right click on any text in the “Subtitle Area” and click “Read Sentence”. (Screenshot)

game window2

    • Editing Translation/Subtitle with the Subtitle Area.
      • Right click on the fan submitted translation and click “Edit Subtitle” (Screenshot). The  “Subtitle Editor” window appears. (Screenshot). Close the window when you’re done.

Subtitle Area Control

  • Option
    • Click the > button to bring up the settings for the “Subtitle Area”.
    • If you want to change the colors, it’s in the “Text” tab in “Preferences”

Pinku desu


The Preferences window packs a lot of features on how VN Reader behaves with your games. (Screenshot). You can access the “Preferences” window in your “Spring Board” by clicking the silver gears icon beside the blue magnifying glass icon or right clicking in the system tray icon.

  • External Tab—Detecting a machine translator (Screenshot)
    • You can actually pick a machine translator if you need a guide or if you’re not well versed with Japanese. VN reader is not only for translators, but for readers as well.
    • VN Reader usually auto detects the programs installed in your computer, if not the use the “Browse” button and locate the program where you have installed it.
    • If you need LEC or ATLAS, browse my other tutorials for the  links ..shhh!
  • Translator TabSetting the machine translator (Screenshot)
    • Machine translated text will appear while you play the game if you enable them, you can select more than one translators.
  • Text TabAdjust color settings for the subtitle area
  • Features TabExtra features to help (Screenshot)
    • These features are pretty self explanatory. You need an internet connection if you want them to work.
    • The text to speech function is really nice. In order to test it out, launch a game and right click the Japanese text above your game (the Subtitle Area) and click “Read Sentence”. (Screenshot)

Pinku desu

The System Tray


If you’re wondering where VN Reader is hiding, he’s at the system tray chillin’. Lol, I panicked at my first use too. The system tray is located on the lower right portion of your desktop.
You can just close the Spring Board when it’s not needed.
VN Reader hides in the system tray when you start the game.
Right click that icon and more functions appear~

Changes: Text Backlog is now changed as “Edit subtitles here”. You can now edit subtitles online too.

Pinku desu


2013-01-22_234407Scratchpad helps you test out some codes that adds text decoration to subtitles/translation. Like adding color to subtitles, splitting a sentence into two before you submit it to the cloud (the internet). It could also serve as a notepad~ You can access Scratchpad using the System Tray Icon.

  • Splitting sentences into two tutorial (Screenshot).

Pinku desu

Text Backlog


Records the game dialogue history as well as the power to delete, improve, and submit subtitles.

  • Submitting translation that were previously left behind– Go over to the dialogue in the backlog and click [Add Subtitle], then you can edit that space with “New subtitle
  • Deleting subtitles-You can delete subtitles in the backlog. Click [Hide] then [Delete].
  • Do not allow anyone to replace translation -[Lock] will prevent other contributors/translators to override your translation.

Pinku desu

Any questions, want something to add to this guide, or just feeling to appreciate this post? Feel free to comment below~ ^w^


25 thoughts on “Visual Novel Reader Advance Features

  1. Excuse me :o I’m having a problem with the VNR, the spring board isn’t showing at all v_v.. i waited about 2 hours with no luck..
    can you help? ^w^


  2. So I had opened VNR with the the game and it works perfectly. The problem is; the next day I tried to open the VNR again, it asks to update again so I update it. After that VNR wont load any comments. I already tried to click “Update Shared Dictionary” but it always says no internet connection or there is problem with my connection. Eventhough I could update the VNR itself (and updating VNR required internet connection). I already updated the VNR for many times, but I still couldn’t update the shared dictionary nor subtitles as it says no internet connection. I already turn on and off my wifi connection, also already enabling and disabling internet connection in Preferences, but it still wont work. Already check my Ping too, and it’s fine, quite fast I guess. Plus when I check the “Subtitle Editor” it’s empty, the previous days it still there and could load perfectly.

    Any idea what should I do? I’ve got no idea what I should do anymore.

    I got VNR from this site :

    I’m using Windows 8 on my laptop.

    Thanks before!


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