JPCSP Tutorial

Want to play Otome Games but don’t own a PSP?  JPCSP is a free PSP emulator written in Java language. JPCSP lets you play PSP games on your PC. Now let’s proceed with the tutorial shall we?

Update: I decided to give up on jpcsp and posted a newer tutorial here. [link]

Basic Requirements

  • 2GB RAM or above
  • Intel Core 2 Duo or above
  • Windows OS 32 Bit
  • A hard disk drive with lots of free spaace

The higher the computer specs you have the better. For computers with complicated setup like having a graphic card, you need to update your drivers. You can use the free version of Gamebooster to update your drivers. Get it before June while it still lasts.

Download the following:

Install Sonic Stage and OpenMG

Extract their zips using winrar or winzip or 7zip or peazip at any location and install them.

Installing and Setting up JPCSP

  1. Extract your JPCSP to your Hard Disk Drive with the largest free space using winrar or winzip or 7zip or peazip.
  2. Open the extracted folder and look for “start-windows-x86.bat” and double click it. A black screen should appear, be patient and wait for the JPCSP dialogue to appear.

  1. You may be required to install JAVA JRE if your computer doesn’t have one. Other errors may be related to your hardware, please update them.
  2. Configure your JPCSP with these settings in Options menu, then close your JPCSP.

  1. Put the game’s iso in the “umdimages” folder located within the extracted JPCSP folder.
  2. Run your JPCSP again and click File > Load UMD and select your game and click Load
  3. Click the Play button afterwards (The green play button)
  1. Be patient, it will take a while for the game to appear. It depends on your computer specs.

So that was the basics~ This tutorial will be updated with Intermediate and Advanced section as well. Look forward for it~ Commenting would motivate me of course~ ^_^v


67 thoughts on “JPCSP Tutorial

  1. i have the same problem, i cannot save the game :(
    I used the “save snaphot” option, and the option “quick save” in the game, but it dont work when i open again the game.


  2. if once in a while int middle of playing the jpcsp will paused and we must wait enough time to run it again, because i can’t select run if it’s happening


  3. I got the sound to work and the file to open, but the screen is black? I can here the music playing in the background so i know the game loaded and sound is working,but what do i do about the black screen? Thank you for all your help, i would have never been able to get this far without your awesome post. :)


  4. I tried playing sweet fuse on it but the game freezes if i enter the save in the game. it also froze somewhere in second chapter or so..the fps just stayed on 1 for hours so I closed it. Oh, and the voices disappeared at some point as well. is it my pc or is the game not supported well by jpcsp?


      1. Uh..not sure if this is it..but Mobile Intel(R) 945 express chipset family. Intel(R) Core(TM) Duo CPU 1.73Ghz, 2GB I missing something? i should mention I’m playing hakouki perfectly fine without any problems so i’m pretty sure I didn’t mess up the installation somehow


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