PPSSPP tutorial: A better PSP emulator

It’s been a year since I last updated the tutorials section. I gave up JPCSP after I bought my own PSP, and now I also enjoy playing visual novels using my android tablet. Even though there are newer methods on playing visual novels for non Japanese users, I stopped covering that part because I was expecting you guys would be Google masters by now.

Hakuouki PSP

Jokes aside, I’m going to introduce you  to this awesome program called PPSSPP. It will save you the hassle of downloading all the crapware you installed from the other emulator. In fact it’s too easy to install,  that I don’t even need to even make this tutorial at all. But I made this tutorial anyway to cover the basics of setting it up. You’ll not be having any problems with game voices and savefiles. This emulator is awesome~!

PPSSPP supports multiple platforms: PC, ANDROID, iOS, Black Berry, Linux and Mac Osx. And the best part is, it’s totally free. They’ve got very nice developers and an active forum community. If you enjoyed your games after this tutorial, I highly beg you to support the developers as to continue polishing up PPSSPP. Now, I’m going to cover how to set PPSSPP on your PC.

Tutorial updated: 5/31/2014

  1. Download the latest PPSSPP for Windows.
  2. Download VC2013 redist and install. [download]
    • If you don’t know what your computer bit is.
    • Click your start menu and right click on “Computer” > “Properties”.[screenshot]
    • In “System”,  check your “System type”. screenshot. [screenshot]
  3. Install PPSSPP_SETUP.exe
  4. Run PPSSPP.
  5. Click on “Game settings”

     “Since the update v0.9.5, we don’t need download an Atrac3+ plugin anymore. Now the emulator has a internal decoder created by Maxim. ” 

    1. Click “Audio”
    2. Click “Download Atrac3+ plugin”
    3. Click “Download and install”
    4. Restart by exiting PPSSPP and opening it back again.

There’s no need to do step 5 unless you prefer an older version of PPSSPP

Open your PSP games:

  1. Click “Load…” to open your PSP game. It’s usually in .ISO or .CSO format.
  2. Aaand you’re done. Good job, get yourself a pat on the back! [screenshot]

Extra steps:
This step is optional but if you want to see the PSP controls go to  “Game settings” in the menu bar.
Game settings ppssppClick “More settings….”
Click “Controls”
Click  “On-screen touch controls”

2014-05-31 06_29_33-PPSSPP v0.9.8

Click “Back” to continue your game.
This is what it looks with your on-screen controls are visible.


Pinku desu

Main stuff to adjust.

If your game is too laggy I suggest using these settings. Note that this works on most 2D visual novels.

PPSSPP setting

  1. Click “Game Settings”. It’s in the menu bar of PPSSPP right below the title bar.
  2. Hardware transform ✓
  3. Vertex Cache ✓
  4. Show FPS is optional, it would only show you how fast your game is rendering.


Pinku desu

Specific settings:

  • These are games that require specific changes in order for it to work.
  1. Dangan Ronpa : Vertex Cache ✓ Vsync✓ Rendering mode: Read framebuffers to memory (CPU) or (GPU)

51 thoughts on “PPSSPP tutorial: A better PSP emulator

  1. Hello there! Here’s a little tip for this emulator while playing visual novel games!

    If you notice, every now and then, a crackling / static sound (before or after voice acting), you can try to set “DSound” instead of Auto in the audio backend settings, then restart the emulator, and another option “audio sync” should appear in the audio settings after the restart: be sure to uncheck it!

    The static problem might still occurr (I’m not an expert on anything), but I’ve noticed it improves by disabling the audio sync option.

    Oh, by the way, I’m referring to the newest version of PPSSPP (1.0.1).
    Hope it helped! Oh, and keep up the good work! This place is truly useful and nice. :)


  2. Hi I have a problem…..Whenever i load Dragon Ball Z Tenkaichi Tag Team It goes to the menu and when i start the games there is black screen but i can see the health meter and sound etc nut black screen PLEASE HELP ME I AM DYING TO PLAY THIS GAME


  3. Hi! I’m really interested in doing this but I don’t speak Japanese or read it is there any way for me to be able to switch it to English? I’d really appreciate it!


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