TAHelper & Plug-In Tutorial + Guide

Difficulty: Medium to Hard.

If you prefer a better name substitution for your Otome game, here’s a tutorial for TranslatorAggregator Helper + Plug-in. Image Heavy post~ If you find it too difficult you can use this tutorial instead.


Before proceeding, make sure these programs are present:

  • Translator Aggregator 0.4+ version
  • ITH or AGTH


TAHelper is an additional program for your Translator Aggregator. All you have to do is to put the Japanese name of the Character that appears above their dialogue box. TAHelper will tell Translator Aggregator
Excuse me buddy, this is the character’s name, do not..by any means…. translate it literally!
TAH Plug-in is an additional plug-in for your Translator Aggregator that helps substitute words that can’t be translated properly by any online translation service or your ATLAS.


  1. Download these files
  • TA Helper – Extract in your Translator Aggregator folder. Make sure it has its own subfolder.
  • TAH Plug-in – Extract this one in your “Plugins” folder found in your Translator Aggregator directory, no need for a subfolder.
  • NOTEPAD++ *optional*
  1. Make sure Translator Aggregator is running, if it is— locate the TAHelper in its subfolder and double-click on it. This dialogue will appear. If its green then you’re safe. If it’s not, make sure Translation Aggregator is turned on.

  1. Follow the settings in this dialogue screenshot below *1.) and 2.)*.
  • 3.) Get the Japanese name of the Character that appears above their dialogue box, then hit “Ctrl+Tab” on your keyboard, input their name again. Hit “Enter” on your keyboard if you want to add another Character. Do the same for the rest of the characters.
  • 4.)Click “Apply” afterwards. Further explanation about his step is found below this tutorial.

  1. Now go to your tray icons (Bottom right of your desktop screen) and locate the TAH Plug-in icon that looks like this. If its present then that means you have installed the plug-in successfully.

  •  Left click on the tray icon and you will find this dialogue (below). Click on Insert and choose [TEXT]
  • After that hit enter and type the Japanese text of the word you want to be substituted then on your keyboard hit “CTRL+TAB” and input the English translation. If you’re done click “OK” and you’re done!

Questions and Explanations Corner

How do I know if its working?

  • If the conversation looks like this. As you can see here, Makoto’s name is separated from his dialogue.

Whats The use of the TAHelper?

  • What you put in the TAHelper Names.txt is the names of the characters that appear above the Dialogue Box. TAHelper adds a « » separation. This provides more accuracy to the translator aggregator since it translate Japanese names literally.
  • I highly recommend not adding phrases or punctuations in the TAHelper, use the plug-in instead. (Tutorial below)

Why is the TAHelper Names in Japanese?

  • The TAHelper can get the Japanese name from the aggregator if you specify it. The TAHelper names first word indicates the Japanese Name— then after the tab space it– indicates its substitution, but since we already added the substitution file in the TAH plug-in , all we need to do is just repeat the Japanese name because the plug-in will automatically substitute it. (lol was it difficult to understand? haha).

I want XXX name/word/phrase to be substituted

  • Sure you can do that, just follow these steps.
  1. Go to the tray icon of your TA plug-in, right click and hit “Substitutions”.
  2. Scroll down till you see the last substitution word, double click it and hit “Enter” on your keyboard. A new space will appear.
  3. Paste or type the Japanese name/word/phrase then hit “Ctrl+Tab” on your keyboard and type or paste its substitution.
  4. Hit “Apply” afterwards
  • If its a name that appears above the dialogue, add its Jap name then “Ctrl+Tab” Jap name again in the TAHelper. Hit “Apply” afterwards. If its not then skip this step.

This tutorial was derived from Sprucefirs guide, I also made a Starry Sky specific tutorialAny more questions? Comment away! (。-ω-)ノ


5 thoughts on “TAHelper & Plug-In Tutorial + Guide

  1. Reblogged this on Visual Novel Aer and commented:
    Check out this very simple guide by Sakimichi. You can get your Translator Aggregator (machine translator) to substitute words or names or other common but hard to translate phrases into your desired output. Very useful especially if you build up a small dictionary of ready-made terms.


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