PSP Otome Game compatibility and Notes

Incompatible/Having Problems:

  1. Hanasaku Manimani* – Mages | 5pb | Criware
  2. Hatsukare☆Ren’ai Debut Sengen!* – Furyu | Criware – Cannot detect text thread.
  3. Kiniro No Corda 3* – Tecmo Koei –  Cannot detect text thread
  4. Musketeer: Le sang des chevaliers*
  5. Urakata Hakuouki*– Design Factory| Idea Factory | ZeroDiv – new update won’t detect text thread anymore. (ppsspp v 0.9.8) Sometimes detect, often times misses text thread (ppsspp v 0.9.9).
  6. Enkeltbillet* -IDEA FACTORY | Otomate | Ichi Column- No permanent text thread (ppsspp v 0.9.8 & ppsspp v 0.9.9)
  7. Geten no Hana Yume Akari* -Koei -text thread not detected (ppsspp v 0.9.9).
  8. Last Escort -Club Katze-* -D3 Publisher- dialogue text thread not detected, only character thread is detected. (ppsspp v 0.9.9 & ppsspp v 0.9.8).
  9. Wand of Fortune 2 FD ~Kimi ni Sasageru Epilogue~ -Design Factory & Otomate|IDEA FACTORY
  10. Wand of Fortune 2 ~Jikuu ni Shizumu Mokushiroku~ -Otomate|IDEA FACTORY
  11. Storm Lover Natsu Koi!!* -Vridge Inc.| D3 Publisher – Text thread not detected (ppsspp v 0.9.9)
  12. Solomon’s Ring ~Chi no Shou~ *– Plan Peace – Text thread changes if character talks, has a permanent ASIDE thread though w/ (ppsspp v 0.9.8). No correct text thread in (ppsspp v 0.9.9)
  13. O*G*A Oni-Gokko ROYAL -Otomate| IDEA FACTORY-dialogue text thread not detected, only character thread is detected. (ppsspp v 0.9.9 & ppsspp v 0.9.8)
  14. Koi wa Rule ni Shibararenai! – Vridge Inc.|ASCII Media Works & Kadokawa Shoten- Cannot detect text thread (ppsspp v 0.9.9 & ppsspp v 0.9.8)
  15. Kanuchi – Kuroki Tsubasa no Shou -Otomate| IDEA FACTORY & Otomate – No permanent text thread (ppsspp v 0.9.9) . Can detect intro text (psspp v 0.9.8) but fails detecting dialogue thread after the intro.


(default PPSSPP version used for testing: 0.9.8)

  1. Jewelic Nightmare* – cannot extract text from intro. I think it’s a video anyway.
  2. Gekkan Romance* – use “Other” on NVL mode to take advantage of two text threads.
  3. Aracana Famiglia 2* – remove text garbage done~
  4. Diabolik Lovers* – remove text garbage done~
  5. Snow Bound Land*
  6. Houkago ~Colorful Step~ series * – Set text speed to maximum and restart PPSSPP as well as VNR. Use v0.9.9.
  7. Jewelic Nightmare*
  8. Norn 9*– works perfectly
  9. Getsuei no Kusari Kyouran Moratorium* – Set text encoding to : UTF-16. Works perfectly. Even system messages are translated.
  10. Shinigami Kaidan Romance*
  11. Shiratsuyu no Kai*
  12. Taishou Kitan*
  13. Satomi Hakkenden*
  14. Soukoku no Kusabi Hiiro no Kakera 3*
  15. Koibana Days*
  16. Okashi na Shima no Peter Pan* – Set text encoding to : UTF-16.
  17. Omochabako no Kuni no Alice* – Set text encoding to : UTF-16.
  18. Daiya no Kuni no Alice: Wonderful Mirror World*
  19. Shinsouban Heart no Kuni no Alice: Wonderful Wonder World*
  20. Heart no Kuni no Alice: Wonderful Twin World** – v0.9.9
  21. Kuroyukihime Snow Black* – Won’t translate text in black background, most likely it’s a bunch of images.
  22. School Wars*
  23. Meiji Tokyo Renka* -v0.9.9 & v0.9.8
  24. Kamigami no Asobi*
  25. Chronostacia*
  26. Are you Alice?*
  27. CLOCK ZERO ~終焉の一秒~*
  28. Hanayaka Nari Waga Ichizoku*
  29. Shinobi, Koi Utsutsu*
  30. Uta no Prince Sama Repeat*
  31. Hakuouki Zuisouroku*
  32. Moujuutsukai to Oujisama** – v0.9.9
  33. Romeo vs. Juliet*
  34. Hyakki Yakou ~Kaidan Romance~*
  35. Amnesia Crowd**
  36. Toki no Kizuna*
  37. Princess Arthur*
  38. Black Wolves Saga -Last Hope*– works perfectly
  39. Eikoku Tantei Mysteria** – but there’s a little extra garbage text after the dialogue, like this *v.0.9.9: UTF-16. Check :  Eliminate finite repetition in the text. Character names appear at the end of the sentence. I’ll do something about it.
  40. Amnesia*
  41. Amnesia Later*
  42. Atelier Elkrone – VNR detects even the TIPS windows.
  43. Glass Heart Princess -text thread changes during CG scenes
  44. Arcana Famiglia *
  45. Uta no Prince-sama Debut*
  46. Kaeru Batake de Tsukamete: Natsu Senbokuryou Sansen!– v.0.9.9
  47. Hoshiiro no Okurimono* – v.0.9.9
  48. Minus 8– v.0.9.9
  49. Natsuzora no Monologue Portable– v.0.9.9
  50. Kaeru Batake DE Tsukamaete* –  v.0.9.9: UTF-16
  51. Sorayume Portable* –  v.0.9.9: UTF-16
  52. Mizu no Senritsu* –  v.0.9.9: UTF-16
  53. Moujuutsukai to Oujisama~ Snow Bride ~ * – v.0.9.9
  54. Getsuei no Kusari -Sakuran Paranoia- * – v.0.9.8 (UTF-16),  v.0.9.9 (Shift-Jis)
  55. Reiji no Kane to Cinderella Halloween Wedding * – v.0.9.9 & v.0.9.8
  56. Satomi Hakkenden*
  57. Majo’ou* – text thread takes a while to be detected on (ppsspp v 0.9.8) but works well with (ppsspp v 0.9.9).
  58. Wand of Fortune – v0.9.9
  59. Kannou Mukashibanashi Portable* – v.0.9.9 & v.0.9.8 . Character names appear at the end of the sentence.
  60. Diamond no Kuni no Alice ~Wonderful Mirror World~ * – v.0.9.9
  61. Hanaoni ~Koi Someru Toki Towa no Shirushi~* – v.0.9.9
  62. Kami-sama to Koigokoro* – UTF-16
  63. Rakuen Danshi ~Beast Harem~* – UTF-16
  64. Kaminaru Kimi to* – Skip to character talking to detect Alchemist 1000 thread. Go back to Start > New Game to detect intro text Otomate thread. – v.0.9.9
  65. Sto☆Mani ~Strobe☆Mania~* – v.0.9.9
  66. S.Y.K ~Shinsetsu Saiyuki~* – v.0.9.9
  67. Will o Wisp* – v.0.9.9
  68. Little Aid * – v.0.9.9

*Tested by Sakimichi

*Tested by vocaotome

Tested by others

How to use VNR and PPSSPP:

Before proceeding, I really recommend you guys to read the basics on how to use VNR. I won’t be answering questions that are already answered on the basic tutorial.

  1. Run VNR and I recommend to uncheck “Automatically detect running game” in Preferences > Launch. Restart VNR.
  2. Run PPSSPP v0.9.8
  3. Go back to PPSSPP Select game of choice and run till you reach the menu then proceed to enter heroine name till you reach the part where characters are talking.
  4. Go back to VNR, and in the Springboard click the silver rocket icon.  VNR will attach itself to PPSSPP. A blue menu will appear on the left side of the PPSSPP window. We’ll call it side menu.
  5. In the side menu open text settings, Menu > Text settings
  6. Proceed playing the game till VNR will detect text threads and select the correct text thread. (This takes about 20 seconds just continue clicking and a lot of text dialogues will pop up)
    • Don’t mind the text garbage, what matters is what would appear in the subtitle box. If there’s no text garbage in the subtitle box then its okay because the garbage text is already being taken care of.
    • amnegarb
  7. Click Save.
    • Sometimes you have to do the opposite on some games. Launch  PPSSPP first for some games. You need to experiment.


  • Do not run PPSSPP via SpringBoard
  • Changing windows size affects text thread detection. Don’t change window size while playing.
  • Restart PPSSPP when loading another game, then restart VNR as well.
  • All text thread detection are global, whenever you run a game, you must manually adjust the text thread again.
  • Default text encoding on tested compatible games is Shitft-Jis
  • Always exit VNR first before PPSSPP to avoid crashing..haha.
  • Please please please…do not submit psp translation!! It’s pretty alpha, all users will be having the same settings and there’s no ISO detection yet!
  • When downloading PPSSPP, VNR does not attach itself to the x64 application. – Roninmedia

List updates

  • July 29,2014 – Add Brocolli engine for PSP game.  Add Otomate engine for PSP game

Sorry that the left games as follows won’t work.

– 金色のコルダ3 (not able to find correct function to hook)
– はつカレっ☆恋愛デビュー宣言!
– 花咲くまにまに
– マスケティア
For the latter three games, I couldn’t find any matched text in the memory. I have tried SHIFT-JIS, UTF8, UTF-16, and EUC-JP, but still no-match.
I suspect the games are made in some other seldom used Japanese encodings. –Jichi


  • amnegarbFeel free to post a thread at the official VNR forums Sakuradite: Otome forum section for garbage text removal or help. I can help there if I have free time or post a comment here. Remember, if there’s no text garbage in the subtitle box, then it’s okay. We already added a code to remove most text garbage. It should appear correctly in the subtitle box.
  • Feel free to post at the official VNR forums Sakuradite: on this thread, for engines that  aren’t supported by VNR, remember be very specific with your request. Include game title, problem as well as VNDB link.
  • Have you tested a game that works or won’t work? Post a comment below and I’ll add it on the list.

120 thoughts on “PSP Otome Game compatibility and Notes

  1. Can you please share PPSSPP v0.9.8 please since I can’t find that version anywhere, even the official site no longer have those versions. The newer versions won’t work with VNR.


  2. Hello and thank you for keeping VNR up!! I used it to play Diabolik Lovers around 4 years ago? It worked wonderfully and i had a great time uwu

    Now I’m trying to play Utapri Repeat, got the new version with a new account, but it doesn’t seem to be able to get text anywhere….. running the debug mode, I see how it goes past the broccoli engine and misses it :(
    I did have to struggle a lot with Diabolik Lovers to get it to work again, but the most it detects for utapri is the MC’s name over and over and over in the same textbox tagging it as “BANDAI PSP” text ://

    I deleted and redonwloaded everything, tried to load the game first, VNR first, running as admin combinations, and nothing seems to work i am CRYING
    i am still using ppsspp 0.9.8 and windows 7, maybe those are some factors that come into play.

    if you had some idea of how i could get it to work i would be eternally grateful!!!


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