PSP text hooker in the works for VNR

Great news yet again my comrades! VNR now supports PSP games run on PPSSPP! This is amazing! Jichi is amazing~!

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Atlas – Adding words tutorial

Originally posted on No life no bomb graze only:
How to add a Japanese word into Atlas properly? Firstly, this article is intended for those who is already familiar with at least basic Japanese. And I only describe mostly used word type only, anyway. Well, let’s to the point. 1. Noun Adding human names I recommend “Uncountable – Human”. But since we don’t know which part is “family name” and “given name”, and moreover, there is a lot of possibilities between it, so you might want to register it as “Regular Noun – Human”. The downside for using  as “Regular… Continue reading Atlas – Adding words tutorial

Partially translated Japanese Otome Games to English

Visual novel reader paved way for  translators and volunteers to easily submit translation online. All you need to do is add the game to it’s Spring Board and it will sync the in-game text with submitted translation. It could also make use of machine translators like ATLAS or LEC if there’s no fan translation available.

Here’s a list of Otome games with the most submitted translation on VNR.

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