Ozmafia!! Sherwood Clinic

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Robin Hood ~Sherwood Clinic ~Masked Doctor

Robin is the town’s doctor and is well-known for curing any diseases. He wears a mask and black cloak to hide his face. Fuka thinks he looks like a crow and calls him “Karasu-sensei”.  He tends to all mafia families and is patient enough put up with their violence. He rarely shows his face but he finds it okay to show it to Fuka. She was mesmerized by his beauty after the reveal.

Robin knows she has feelings for him but he can’t let go of his deceased wife. He preserved his wife in a life support machine which he hid in the basement of his office.

–Meteor watching event–
Fuka wants Robin to join in the festival, he declined telling her that he doesn’t believe in superstition and he is needed in the clinic in case of emergency. Robin tells her to call him by his name and this made her happy. Back at the basement Robin apologized to his wife for taking too long, he talked about why he couldn’t believe in making wishes to the stars, because the stars can’t bring her back to life. crey He envies Fuka for being positive about things.

Fuka  wanted to do something like earn a bit of money because she’s currently a freeloader at the Oz’s. She asked Robin as to how he became a doctor. Robin suggested her to be his assistant. She manages the paperwork and arranges the stuff but she’s not allowed to do operating works.  Robin will pay for Fuka’s lodgings at the Oz and will also pay her a moderate wage.

Back at the basement, Robin talks to his wife again and wonders why he made such a decision. Despite Robin’s neutral treatment with the Mafia families, he doesn’t trust them after the tragedy. He feels like he betrayed his wife for accepting Fuka. crey

The Oz’s were obviously missing Fuka. On the first day of Fuka’s job at the clinic, Axel visited her and asked her a lot of things; making sure she’s comfortable with her job. FlusterRobin was surprised about his behavior because he rarely gets involve with unrelated people.
The next day Pashet and Caramia visited the clinic. Caramia asked how Fuka was doing and Robin assured him she was doing satisfactory work. Pashet only came because she wants to see Robin’s face. In the end Robin didn’t show his face to her huehuehue

The next day Kyrie visits Fuka. He only wants the compensation money but he teases the two for acting like married couples. Yet this is how Kyrie shows his jealous side sweatdrop He is pissed that Robin clings too much of his past, and hints to Dorian that he’s not the only person who lost someone.

Robin found out that Fuka tried opening the door to the basement but he never spoke of it. She panicked when Robin called her and dropped the cup she was holding. She picked it up using her hand and got a cut. Robin was angry about it and told her to concentrate properly. She treated her wound but he never told her about the basement.

Robin: “Fuka, do you like me?”
Fuka: “What would you do if I tell you I like you?”
Robin:“Nothing. I won’t do anything.”

And so Fuka got rejected…. whoops. It was Robin’s intention from the start. He simply used her to revive what it feels like to have his ex-wife by his side. He’s a cruel man.

Robin was not in the clinic. With nothing else to do, Fuka sat down and waited. She saw the metal door open and out of curiosity, she went inside.  She hurriedly went back after seeing his wife in a weird glowing machine.
Robin found out because his documents were moved and were tidied. He was angry at Fuka’s actions and banned her from the clinic. huehuehue

She came back and apologized ,then Robin let’s her into the basement after forgiving her.

He was excited that the book for reviving the dead will arrive the next day. Unfortunately the cart that delivers it was ransacked and the books were burned along with it.

Axel then reported about Hameln’s presence in town. Kyrie doesn’t want Fuka to be involved in Mafia matters so he urge her to return to the clinic. She tells Robin about Hameln’s presence and Robin secretly decided to use her to get guns from the Oz estate. He visits Fuka that night and tells her that he loves her. He made her drink a sleeping potion, deceiving her that it’s a medicine that will make her shyness go away.grrrr

The next day, Caramia announced that a gun was stolen from their warehouse.Realizing that  it was Robin, she ran to the clinic to confirm it.

Robin Hood

Good end #1: Caramia arrived and took the gun from his hand. Robin was pardoned because Fuka pleaded with Caramia. He let the matter slip and even bribed Axel for an ice cream.

They resumed working and Robin fell asleep in the basement. Fuka was about to go back but she heard a voice of a woman. It was Robin’s wife and she told Fuka to push the button of the machine. She used her last life left to tell Robin to move on and be happy.

Robin let’s go of his wife and buried their wedding ring along with her grave. He works with Fuka at his clinic and they lived happily ever after.

Robin Hood’s story as well as Dorian Grey’s story are my least liked in the series. Because it’s mature and has this “Josei” feel that I wanted to avoid these kinds of routes. It was already painful to put up with Robin’s acting and I feel really sorry for Fuka that she puts up with this kind of man. He’s using her to fill-in his emptiness and even rejects her in the face. What a jerk. A beautiful jerk… ugh..crey

I prefer Shoujo-ish romance. The ones that makes your heart fluffy and happy. Depressing stories like these makes me fat. I crave for chocolates whenever these things come up.


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