Ozmafia!! Wolfgang

Introduction | Characters | Final thoughts

casesarCaesar ~ Wolfgang Boss~
The Wolfgang is not considered a mafia family, nor is it a really big organization. It’s merely a group with no organized beliefs. Their  purpose is to wreak havoc in the peaceful town. The thugs in the slum proclaimed Caesar as their boss for his skilled swordsmanship and his uncooperative attitude towards the mafia families but he was never close towards them, with the exception of So.

He was the first person Fuka interacted with, but he drew his sword and tells her he will kill her. His attempt failed but he still pursues her. Fuka decided to visit Caesar every Sunday out of curiosity.  At first he’s annoyed but eventually warmed up to her because he finds her too stupid. He even taught her how to make fire by rubbing two rocks and wanted to teach her sword-fighting.umm

During the meteor watching event, Fuka sneaked Caesar to town so he could make a wish to the stars. The family bosses found out about this and drove Caesar away. She took responsibility and she was banned to go out on Sundays. So became the bridge between the two. At one point Caesar gave Fuka a silver pendant that he made.

The Oz trio were worried about Fuka’s state and accompanied  her to have lunch at So’s food stall. There they saw Caesar working as a grumpy waiter. Caesar was not amused that the Oz trio took advantage of the situation but he had no choice because it was his only gateway to see Fuka. According to So, Caesar waited every Sunday for Fuka to appear and eventually planned to go inside the town by pretending to be a waiter.ehehehe

When Caesar saw Fuka wearing the pendant he gave, he kissed Fuka right in front of Axel. love

Good end #1: Caesar fought Hameln and saved both Fuka and Caramia. He was granted the title of a mafia boss by taking control of the slums and it is now Wolfgang territory, He wears a dictator uniform and is quite strict with the rules. He’s quite happy with his job and he even showers Fuka kisses when they met.Fluster Good end #2: Caesar didn’t become a mafia boss but he frequently attempts on stealing Fuka by infiltrating the Oz mansion. The Oz trio shows their love towards Fuka by giving everything they got in defending her. Kyrie even tells Caesar “Our daughter doesn’t deserve a weak man”. huehuehue

So So ~ Wolfgang Member~
So provides Caesar money and does everything from household chores to being his doctor. He runs a small restaurant in town and people often wander why So choose to be a part of Wolfgang even though he’s a good kid. He looks innocent and he has a talent for cooking. But his cute appearance only hides his true nature.

His motives became clearer when the Tower opened up. So is part tower and part Toto (Dorothy’s dog). It was revealed that he was the mastermind behind the tragedy that befall the Grimm family and manipulated every shit storm that happened in the town. He attacked Axel in his route by breaking his heart, he manipulated Caesar into attacking Fuka and is the reason why Kyrie’s brain broke as well as the loss of Caramia’s courage.

He’s the plot twist of the whole story. He even killed Scarlet in the Grand ending and shoots Pashet. All he wanted to accomplish is for the townsfolk not to forget his beloved Dorothy.

Thoughts: So was my first choice when I started the game. At first i cried hard because he never got Fuka in both his endings, but after finishing the game I felt like he deserved it for being such a b*tch. I felt betrayed that Caesar was made into a sacrificial character in the Epilogue. He is Dorothy’s magic and he disappeared after Fuka wished for the revival of the Mafia families. crey

It was a letdown that Caesar’s route was too short. While Ozmafia is a big game, I know they have to focus on the Oz trio but Caesar…god damn Poni-Pachet..!! Can’t you see he too deserves are really long path? hahahaha…I just can’t get enough of him. He’s quite a lovable idiot. huehuehue


3 thoughts on “Ozmafia!! Wolfgang

    1. My review doesn’t even do justice on how good this game is :D
      You can actually get a “guys point of view” on the second play trough, and the main guys of the game have divergent routes where you can pick another another guy if you got tired of your current relationship ;p


      1. D: thats cool! If only I had known about the game a year ago maybe I could find a copy. I love the artwork but nothing about Diabolik Lovers intersted me. but anything like the mafia (or yakuza lol) is right up my alley (even if theres a lot of creative liberties lol).
        To be honest I skim reviews to avoid endings so thanks for separating it a bit : )


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