Ozmafia!! Grimm Family

Introduction | Characters | Final thoughts

Hameln– Grimm Family – Mafia Boss-

The leader of each Mafia Family was known as the Boss or Don. He made all the major decisions. His authority was required to control the Mafia members and to resolve any disputes. 

It all started with the grim murder of Robin Hood’s wife in the middle of a wedding. Hameln was blamed for the bloody mess. The Grimm family losses respect as well as their land and Hameln was exiled from town. With no boss to govern their territory and with the hostile treatment the townsfolk ,Hansel and Gretel would recklessly pick a fight against mafia families who were involved in the approval of their boss’ exile. Scarlet took it upon himself to oversee and manage the town while they await for the possible return of their boss.

Hameln returned to the town despite being warned not to. Fuka found him in the alleyway where she once regained her consciousness, and thought that he might also be like her. He was unconscious and weary when she found him. Fuka asked So’s help to carry him to the church. Fuka tends Hameln, while So cooks his meals. When he regained consciousness he looks up to Fuka and thought she was an angel. He stayed in the church wishing he’d spend more time with Fuka as well as seeing his subordinates again.

Hameln took Fuka to the winery beneath the church to hide, Dorian Grey dropped by at his church. She was fidgeting and highly self-conscious, so he kissed herFluster

After Dorian Grey’s visit to the church they went back to the surface and Fuka was angry about the kiss. She didn’t appear for three days but went back to the church because she was worried. He was still in the same spot waiting for her. He apologized for stealing her first kiss.

When the two got into a relationship Hameln promises to take Fuka outside of town and teach her things.yay

The Oz were already suspicious of her visits in town. When they discussed about Hameln’s capture, Fuka went back to the church to warn him.

Good end #1: Hameln got captured. Fuka became a part of Oz family and was assigned to watch over him in his cell. Hameln told her that she can fall in love with someone else if she wanted to. it cant be
Bad end #1: Hameln kidnapped Fuka, and Robin Hood appeared in the room where he stayed. He poisoned Hameln, then a smoke bomb filled the room. Axel took Robin Hood and Fuka. Robin Hood was forced to tend Hameln’s wounds because as a doctor, he should not be involve with Mafia problems. Fuka became a nun and wanted to help people who are just like Hameln. Manboy and Alfani often visits her and tells her they can help her anytime. Alfani blurts out that Manboy often watches Fuka from a distance. awwww


Scarlet– Grimm  Family – Caporegime –

A Capo (sometimes called a Captain) is in charge of a crew. There are usually four to six crews in each family, possibly even seven to nine crews, each one consisting of up to ten Soldiers. 

Scarlet took over Hameln’s duties but never took the boss position. He cleans up the twins rampage and is quite strict with the rules enforced to the town. Fuka wanted to be close to him because she thought he was a girl. Scarlet was hurt about it mentally, and Kyrie double the damage when he was asked to stood behind Fuka to compare heights. whoops

It was scandalous for Fuka to get herself closer to the Grimm family. Because Oz and Grimm relationship had not been good ever since that tragedy took place, Gretel assumed Fuka has an ulterior motive against them.

Ande and Hansel would often tease Scarlet if he had kissed Fuka and Scarlet would fluster about it. When Hansel realized that the two were getting closer, he warned Fuka that it’s not good to get too close.

Scarlet suggested that they’d sneak outside the walls and he took Fuka to his favorite spot in the forest. Fuka fell down the cliff after getting too excited but Scarlet saved her, twisting his leg in the process. The wolfgang appeared and they got into a fight. Scarlet forced herto go back to the Oz’s.

When Fuka arrived at the mansion she asked for Caramia’s help. But he can’t help her with Mafia related issues if she’s not part of the family. In desperation she accepted the family insignia and swore oath. Scarlet was rescued and Fuka’s stopped meeting with him and she even ran away when he tried talking to her. crey

Good end #1: Scarlet remove his oath of the Grimm family after Hameln came back. Caramia assigned him to manage the Grimm estate after the loss of the mafia title. He happily spends his time with the Oz family.

Good end #2: Hameln killed himself because he doesn’t want Scarlet and the twin siblings to lose their future because of him. Kyrie took the boss key from Hameln and gave it to Scarlet, making him the next Grimm boss. Fuka spends her days fulfilling Caramia’s task and delivers a letter to Scarlet. They have a close relationship but they tend not to get too close because of the Mafia rules. They secretly spend their time talking in Scarlet’s office. rub cheek

Hansel and Gretel– Grimm  Family – Caporegime –

Their problem attitude stemmed from the betrayal they felt for pinning Hameln into a criminal. The twin siblings are quite close and would often pick a fight against the Anderson family. Little did they know that Scarlet is the one paying for the damages that they do.

Whole throughout the game, Hameln poses a threat and caused mayhem. Kyrie would often call him a criminal, and tells Fuka to avoid him at all cost. But ironically he’s the most kind-hearted guy in town. He even refuses to hold a gun. He was framed and controlled by So. Hameln was desperate to remove the voices from his head, he told Robin Hood about it but his plea was ignored.
Hameln’s left eye was caused by Scarlet’s sniper riffle. He was forced by Kyrie to kill Hameln but Scarlet hesitated and shot his left eye in the process.
I wish this guy would really take Fuka away from town. He deserves much love. crey

The Grimm family got so much bad luck, even the grand ending didn’t clear up their name. Looks like they got a grim ending  y un o


2 thoughts on “Ozmafia!! Grimm Family

  1. Thank you so much for your amazing summaries of Ozmafia!! I was wondering, what is Scarlet like around Fuka? Like, what is his personality like around her?


    1. Despite his kawaii appearance, he acts like an adult (even some adults here didn’t as mature as Scarlet, I think :3) and always mad when someone treat him like a child.
      At first, he kept a distance toward Fuka, just because of the matters of mafia’s rules (Yes, he’s a boy -or a man?- who obeys rules and full of respect). Latter, he enjoyed talking random stuff with Fuka and even started to say hello and opened the conversation with her. :)

      Is anyone here know how old Scarlet is? I wonder… :v


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