Visual Novel Reader Update #140317

The change of web servers were the cause of the permanent”Sign-in failed” with VNR. All VNR versions downloaded before 3/1/2014 will have the same problem.  Translation were not submitted online. You need to re-download VNR again. Update #140302 fixes this.

Just fixed the server-side issue. Since the IP addresses for the new web servers are changed, all old versions of VNR before 3/1/2014 are broken T_T
I guess ahan sama have to redownload VNR manually.

But just recently, VNR has beeen updated again. Update #140317 but has some drawbacks though. Support for extracting texts from MultiByteToWideChar and WideCharToMultiByte are temporarily disabled.

Certain games require extracting texts from MultiByteToWideChar or WideCharToMultiByte.
But due to technical difficulties, hooking these two functions could cause a large number of games to lose text.
A as a result, I temporarily disabled hooking to these two functions.
If your existing games need to extract texts from these functions, you have to manually download vnrcli.dll from the following places, and replace the default DLLs in Library/Frameworks/Sakura/bin.

Google Drive:
Baidu Disk:


The good thing is, the file size was cut in half . VNR was originally 100+ mb now it’s 57.1 mb.


  • If you found a bug with VNR, feel free to report it in their wiki.
    • If VNR crashes or malfunctions on your laptop, please try launching Library/Debug Reader.cmd, and attach the output.
  • For quick access to updates/discussions, feel free to check their forums. Log-in using your VNR account.
  • Export existing translation you have. I will update this post once I get information on how to re-import text for the new version.

3 thoughts on “Visual Novel Reader Update #140317

  1. thank you, it just started working again out of nowhere after i got frustrated and took a break and hung out with some friends. but thank you for responding really quick. now i can finally enjoy the new vn i got majikoi a-2


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