Love Sniper Walkthrough

Love Sniper is a free visual novel created by B Dash Suisen and  translated by roseVerte.

The main character, Heiji, is a boy who tried to confess his love using a love letter. Too bad, the girl Ageha doesn’t seem to be happy even after she got it. Heiji became upset, and suddenly a cupid named Picchu came to him and offered him help to make his love come true. What will happen to Heiji’s love then?

Here’s the walkthrough to all the endings, especially the legendary ED#13.

  • It’s best if you make a  save point to the part where the main character has to decide which direction cupid has to pull the trigger.
  • You will only be given two options, and these are the most important decisions you have to make.
  • Also, I recommend doing Ending 3 and 4 last. These endings have the flags to unlock the two happy endings.
  • Use CTRL button to skip repeating dialogue (the parts where you have already read)
Bad Endings


  • down up – bad end 02
  • down left – boss bad end 11
  • down center – loli sub heroine bad end 05
  • down right – boss bad end 11
  • down down- bad end 06
  • right down – karaoke 08
  • right center – bad end 10
  • right right – bad end 11
  • right up – bad end 02
  • right left  – bad end 11
  • left left – bad end 11
  • left right – bad end 11
  • left up – picchu-kun end 02
  • left center- bad end 09
  • left down- bad end 07
  • up  down – bad end 04
  • up left – bad end 03
  • up right – bad end  03
  • up up – bad end 04
  • up center-bad end 03
Happy Endings
  • top top
  • top center –bad end 03
  • top top –bad end 04
  • up –no choice –happy end 13
  • up center–bad end 03
  • down– no choice –center happy end 12

Disclaimer and copyrights:
Please show some respect. Do not copy paste the walkthrough on your site, just link back  to this page. Plagiarism is bad, and traceable.

Get the game for free on Desura:
Love Sniper

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