Blue Rose Walkthrough: Aran

Blue Rose is a commercial otome visual novel by  White Cat. Here’s Aran’s walkthough.



  • Aran’s route is only unlocked if you finish at least 1 good end from Simon, Gavin, Mary or Tobias.

Day 1:

  •  “Lady Adale”

Day 2:

  •  “Who are you?”
  •  “That’s none of your business”

Day 4:

  • Forest
  • Cottage – Tobias
  • Outskirts – Aran

Day 5:

  •  “Let him go”
  • Mountains
  •  Lake -“Talk to Simon First”

Day 6:

  • Main Street
  • Lake
  • Lake

Day 7:

  • Lake
  • Mountains
  • Mountains
  • Outskirts
  • Inn
  • Main Street

Day 8:aran_angry

  • “Team up with Tobias”
  • “This isn’t just about humans”
  • “Her concern makes me happy”

Day 9

  •  “Leave him alone”
  •  “I have to talk to him”
  •  Main Street
  •  Main Street
  •  Inn
  •  Main Street
  •  Cottage
  •  Main Street

Day 11:

  • Festival – Automatic Aran

Day 12:

  •  Main Street
  •  *save*
  •  “Go back into the mountains”

Bad End

Load save file

  •  “Go to bed”

4 thoughts on “Blue Rose Walkthrough: Aran

  1. SPOILER I didn’t understand- did Aran died ?or Lena ressurected him? Did she sacrificed herself and died too? I had a problem with understadnig the final dialogue


    1. From the looks of it, Lena sacrificed herself to save the mountain and Aran. The price was to become a spirit as well? That or an immortal entity.


    2. No, she didn’t really “die” per se, she resurrected Aran and I think became a spirit (though how, I don’t know). That is evidenced by the last scene with Gavin and Erin where they spot the two (Aran and Lena) watching the sunset, though it is not told if it really is them, that is up to player interpretation.


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