Miranda’s Choice: Caliban



ferdinand ariel caliban


2013-10-09_091941The island that Miranda and his father lived in, actually belongs to Caliban. His mother was a well known witch that was exiled but she died before Prospero managed to occupy it. Caliban was described as a savage upon their first arrival, but he’s a genius bruiser, adapting quickly to Miranda’s language and lifestyle.

Prospero treated Caliban like a slave when he grew up, with the intention of separating Miranda from him. But his plans didn’t go as expected as his daughter realized her feelings towards Caliban and tried to protect him from her fathers abusive magic.

Ariel was tasked to cast a love spell to Miranda and Ferdinand; a ticket to Miranda’s scripted happiness. The love spell was strong,  that Ferdinand was too aggressive towards Caliban. He even pointed his blade right after seeing him together with Miranda with a face of disgust written across his face.

Prospero still wanted his daughter to have the rich life, but her feelings remained unchanged. She takes the offer of going back to Milan and secretly promised Caliban she’ll find ways to come back. In the happy ending, Prospero acknowledges Caliban and Miranda’s relationship but he has no intention to apologize to him. Caliban and Miranda spent the rest of their lives in the island, while his father, Ferdinand and his dad voyaged back to Naples to settle things.


After a few searches here and there, Miranda’s choice is actually adapted from William Shakespeare’s “The Tempest”. To where I came from, we don’t even study Shakespeare’s works so this was new to me.


In Shakespeare play, Caliban attempted to rape Miranda and so her father had no choice to make him a slave. This visual novel take removed all those and turned it into a happy adaptation, which is nice. There are other games who did the same, they take history or a story as a theme and turned it into something that fans could adore. A notable example is Otomate’s Hakuouki, taking Shinsengumi warriors into a romantic vampire-ish setting.

Every character played a role in his story, even if Ariel didn’t physically appeared in it. I adore the part where Caliban lifted Miranda and took her to a hidden paradise away from the cave. I can’t imagine being stuck to that island for 14 years with a strict father that won’t allow you to go sight seeing.The script writing is good, I see two misspellings but other than that, I find it satisfactory.

Caliban’s CG is second to Ferdinand’s or Ariel’s (There was something wrong with a certain CG).  Miranda has an outspoken attitude but the game prefers you to pick sweet lines to get the perfect ending , the choice of response makes her sound like the perfect waifu material.

Someone wondered why I was talking about price in my previous reviews. Miranda’s choice is priced around $6.00 for every guy route. The games playtime is around an hour, you get two endings, there’s almost no background music, and the windows size is small. Take the three routes and it’s gonna be $18.00. You get a total of 3 and a half hours of gameplay and 18 CG’s.  If you price your visual novel that exceeds $10, everyone is gonna expect to have a complete package from your game and that includes music, story length, and enough entertainment that consumers would say “That was worth the buy” . I’m just glad that I got that 50% discount, those 18 CG’s was worth the trouble.

But i don’t discourage players to get the game though, you still have a choice whether to buy all the routes or be selective about it because I did say that I like the scriptwriting, CG and story. If there’s a patch or a bonus I might change my opinion of this game.


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