Miranda’s Choice: Ariel



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The Air Spirit

Upon arriving in an uninhabited island in a small boat, Prospero managed to free an air spirit imprisoned in a pine tree. Because of this, the air spirit became in-debt to him. But his ticket of freedom was yet again imprisonment. He needs to follow through Prospero’s commands until he gets back his title as the duke of Milan. But hey, it’s probably better than being stuck in a pine tree… right?

T2013-09-26_215728he night after Ariel cast a storm to overthrow the people of the King’s ship, Miranda went to the forest to look for survivors. Ariel accompanied her and advised that she was too kind. It was implied that Ariel had a bit of an attitude problem in the past that Miranda was being careful with her words. Miranda was taken aback by Ariel’s sudden change of heart.

Prospero spotted them and ordered Ariel to cast a spell to Miranda.It was a forceful love spell that whenever she sees Ferdinand, both of them would instantly fall in love. This was necessary to take full fortify his status, as well as giving Miranda a brighter future.

The love spell only works if Ferdinand and Miranda would meet. Prospero ordered Miranda to go back to the cave, and so Ariel accompanied her.
Ariel’s feelings were torn between his freedom and Miranda’s freedom. But he couldn’t help but embrace her to show his resolve, he immediately let her go after Prospero called out to him.

His plan involved putting Ferdinand’s feeling into a test by letting the young Prince lift firewood. This was considered a humiliation for a royal blood, but this was the price for his daughters affection.

Miranda noticed Ferdinand  having second thoughts on doing the job,  so she offered him some help. When Prospero saw this, he immediately stopped her in doing a selfish act. Miranda pretended to be casted by the love spell and explained that she was helping her wed-to-be. Happy to hear the both of them, he approved the Prince to have a relationship with Miranda.

He went as far as apologizing and admitting his faults, but Ferdinand was kind enough to overlook it.

Ariel hugging: Miranda's ChoiceNormal End. Prospero frees Ariel. Together with Ferdinand and Alonso, he took them to the cave to rest.
Miranda noticed Ariel making a sad expression. He took Miranda’s hand and pulled her to a kiss. Miranda wished she could be with him and so Ariel casted a spell where no one could dare disturb their happiness.

Good End
Ariel was against Prospero that he confessed that he has feelings for his daughter. Ferdinand was against it because he too, was in love with Miranda. Ariel decided to bargain his freedom and would serve under Ferdinand then he could take Miranda. After seeing Ariel’s determination and Miranda’s real feelings, Ferdinand gave up.


I get to enjoy Ariel’s route than Ferdinand’s route because seeing Ferdinand struggling to take Miranda was a hearty change from his perfect character.
Ariel’s route revealed more details about Prospero’s (Miranda’s Father) past life.
The script writing is good, and just like the previous review, this game is pretty short for a commercial VN. The CG wasn’t as good as Ferdinand’s, because Ariel didn’t have an interesting pose in his CG.

Caliban was left in the shadows (yet again), who knows what happened to him. Let’s hope the monkeys didn’t abuse him, haha. Alonso didn’t have his own character sprite. Maybe it was hard to draw a king?  This game would have been better if the author did more effort in making it longer or even flash back would be nice.

I’ll pull an over-all review after I get to play Caliban’s route. Stay tuned!


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