Dot Kareshi: Yuusha

Have you ever wished you could meet your favorite 2D bishie in person? For this game heroine however, she’d rather not.  Sucked inside her game console, she woke up with four gorgeous heroes, whom..unfortunately.. had a grudge with her.


dotkareshi_01 dotkareshi_02 dotkareshi_03 dotkareshi_04
Mahou Tsukai

Story so far:

It started out when the Heroine decided to pick a name for him. While the other casts had their default name, Yuusha was unlucky enough to be named “Yellow Pickled Radish”. His comrades tried not to laugh every time they go on a quest together, but they just couldn’t bear it. It was so lame, that he gets furious every time he remembers that dredged memory. He wants our heroine to pay for it by accompanying them to their adventure, her body would suffice too but that’s just wishful thinking for his part.


Her faults did not end there tough, she also sucked at the game mechanics that even Mahou Tsukai was angry because important parts of the game story were left unlocked because of her lack of skills. She left the game untouched for a long time but the next time she played it, her body was transported to the “Unlimited Quest” world.

When they had to infiltrate houses to get items, Yuusha managed to discover an unbreakable pot. Inside it was a”Debug Log”. A “Debug Log” is a term used by computer geeks—it is a generated text log of the errors of the program. It was written that several of the game developers mysteriously disappeared and they came back after finishing a quest inside the game. Some errors included, overpowered boss levels and so on.

The party decided to head to the bar to get some quests, but because of the heroine’s negligence of the game, the quests stacked up pretty high.

Pick your destiny:  [ Hero , Thief , Priest , Mage ] <–will be updated once i get to finish all of their routes.

A Brave Hero’s Story:

You have to choose which quest you’d like to do. I decided to go for “Hero Quest”. The quest objective was to acquire the Legendary Sword of Heroes, but the party was against it. Walking to the north was such a drag for Mahou Tsukai and Priest. In the end, they had to go with the Yuusha’s plan after he convinced them that it was the heroine’s first choice.

After collecting information, they arrived at the final place where the dragon was last seen. There wasn’t any dragons when they arrived though, so Priest suggested to offer the heroine as a sacrifice. Thief was excited and teased the heroine to strip after Mahou Tsukai suggested that nude maidens were a classic sacrifice. Fruitless, they decided to go back and take a break, unfortunately the dragon made an appearance.


The party was ready for battle but their opponent was unexpectedly good. Thief was petrified, Yuusha was poisoned and Mahou Tsukai was cast with a confusion spell. The heroine grabbed a potion to save Thief and was commended by Yuusha. Priest ordered her to stay on her guard and use items over their comrades while he comes up with a plan to overthrow the dragon, unfortunately she ran out of potions.

It gets worse when the Priest was casted with “Silence”, because of this he can’t revive nor cast a spell for a period of time. Thief died in the battlefield after getting hit by the flames casted by Mahou Tsukai out of confusion and so only Yuusha and our useless heroine remains. He had to knock off Mahou Tsukai to prevent further casualties and decided to attack the dragon head-on, confident that his HP is top notch.

Yuusha claimed victory and the party went back to the old man who gave them the quest. He was given the legendary sword as a reward.

After that, Rejet threw a classic steamy hot spring bath scene where our perverted heroes attempted to take off the heroines towel by combining their powers.
It was hilarious, that the priest have to revive Thief after getting K.O’ed after he got hit by a wooden basin.

Back at the inn, Yuusha decided to drop by at the heroines room and tried to convince her to stay by pining her to bed. But she ran off to the lounge where she met the innkeepers daughter. Like any other useless best friend role, she comforts her by saying that she’s lucky to have good companions. (meh~)


Best End
Yuusha followed the heroine to the real world where he keept on teasing her to do ero-ero stuff. But deep inside, he really appreciates kids and wanted to learn more about her world.

Normal End
Yuusha stopped the heroine to go back to her world and tells her he’d take all responsibility for choosing her. He even trains her by taking her to have her first kill and saying he’s gonna accompany her till she’s good enough for the party and they can continue their journey.

Common End
The party was shocked that nothing happened. No miracle or whatsoever. She was just there, right in front of them dumbfounded as well. Suddenly a bright light engulfed her and her body floated towards the real world but our heroes forcefully pulled her to the ground and told her that it’s not gonna end up as simple as that. The heroine was okay with it tough and they took turns into arguing which quest was best.


It’s been a while since I enjoyed an otome game with less drama. The usual releases so far are angsty teenagers with serious plot , but Dot Kareshi’s a refreshing breather.  Rejet knows how to poke my heart with their wide variety of game settings they made available. This was really special to me because I enjoy playing RPG games and that’s why I could really appreciate the amount of detail to they put in the game. The buff stats, the map, the quest and even the cute interface and comical dialogue and the unique art style that I totally dig. I’m also drawn by the voice actors top notch performance.

It took an hour to finish a route, and another 10 minutes to get the other two endings. The guys are like-able…I mean..really really like-able. Their hearts were too easy to capture tough, as expected of a short game.

I love em too much and I can’t wait to get my hands on the second game or hopefully a fan disk.  And you’re asking if I’d recommend it? Yes, definitely. In fact, I’d wish more fans would take notice of this. I even left out the parts where Yuusha had a way with words that makes you feel warm inside so you could enjoy it when you get to play the game.

I see a bit of resemblance with Half Minute Hero, or maybe it’s just me. But i find it funny that only after a few weeks after finishing Half Minute hero did Dot Kareshi released the game and album.  The internet is full of surprises really. If anyone wants to play the game, I submitted amateur translations over Visual Novel Reader, feel free to edit or add translation.

2013-09-25_182054 2013-09-25_182136
Translated dialogue  using VN reader

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