Mirandas Choice: Ferdinand

When Miranda saw a ship hampered down by the ruthless winds, she knew right away that trouble was brewing.  An unnatural storm and an unforeseeable future awaits.


ferdinand ariel caliban

The Prince of Naples:

Miranda was exiled from their home-place, and lives with her dad in a secluded island accompanied by an air spirit named  Ariel  and her childhood friend Caliban.  In the island, her father’s rules are absolute.

Worried by the shipwreck victims, she immediately went to the shores. She spotted a tall, pale, handsome young man named Ferdinand and woke him from his sleep. Fortunately for Ferdinand, he was unharmed from that event.
It was love at first sight when he opened his eyes, she too was taken aback by his ethereal beauty.

He was the prince of Naples while she was just a commoner with no status. He eventually decided to look for the crew and his father. Miranda tagged along with him to the woods but after a few hours of searching, not a single body emerged.

Miranda's Choice Ferdinand 01

Miranda then apologize and confessed to Ferdinand that everything was planned by his dad. Ariel appeared to them and confirmed her words. He was suppose to cast a love spell for the two and reveals that her fathers plan was to reclaim what was rightfully his by having Miranda and Ferdinand to be wedded. In return for the information, all Ariel’s bargain was to be free. In order to do that, all they have to do was pretend to be struck by the love spell. Ferdinand agreed.

The “Duke of Milan” was the title owned by Miranda’s father. It was his twisted plan to make the kings’ ship sink and pretend to save his son. Ferdinand however took pity on him and decided to go along with the plan after seeing the harsh life living in a secluded island.

After Ariel was freed, Miranda couldn’t stop herself from confessing to his father that they were just acting. It pains her that she’s falling in-love to Ferdinand deeply, but he was just acting for the sake of saving everyone’s skin. Ferdinand’s father decided to cancel their engagement but still gave Miranda’s father the title of being the Duke.

And so they set sail to return to the kingdom they once lived. Miranda couldn’t contain her feelings to Ferdinand and so she told him her true feelings, he was happy and told her he felt the same. Ferdinand kneels on one knee and proposed to her.

Miranda's Choice Ferdinand EndNormal End.
Both kept on pretending to be lovers and a marriage scene plays out with Miranda still having doubts about Ferdinand’s feelings.
Good End.
Ferdinand tells Miranda he’ll show her many things from now on.


For a commercial game, Miranda’s choice is pretty short. Too short, in fact I was pretty lucky to have availed the discount before it expired because I think the original price was too much. First of all, the lack of background music turned me off. The only thing you could hear was sea waves. Then the window size, it was too small. Maybe it would have been better if the game author ported it to mobile instead. It only took me less than 15 minutes to finish the game. There are 6 unlock-able CG’s and 2 endings.

The story could have been better and longer, they even left out Caliban as if he didn’t exist in the first place.I enjoyed the character sprites though, Ferdinand is a cutie and the heroine is a bit likable. I like how the script writing turned out, it was a well written visual novel. But like I said…it was too short.

There are too many elements lacking for a commercial game, most likely the game author rushed out and sell it right away. In my opinion, it would have been better if it was a free game or better yet, a price cut. To be honest, I am slightly disappointed by my purchase.


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