Sweet Fuse Walkthrough: Wakasa Towa

  • This walk through assumes this is your first time playing Sweet Fuse.
  • I suggest playing in this order to maintain the mystery in the course of the story :
  • If this is not your first play, then pay attention to the green asterisk. * The one in green asterisk simply means that this choice has been unlocked after your first play.
  • Pressing “Select” on your psp cycles through “Skip All” dialogs or “Skip read” dialogs.square will activate/disable the skip function.
  • L1 to [quick save]. R1 to [load quick save].
  • Triangle to access menu and change game settings.
  • Circle to take screenshots.


Towa Wakasa
  • You know who he is ?*
  • Examine panels with Shidou, Wakasa and Meoshi
  • I think it was the tail
  • Explosive Insight: “Awaken to your destiny”
  • Wakasa might know something
  • Let Meoshi try
  • Take his hand
  • Examine the sliding doors with Mitarashi (Towa’s name could not fit after translation so they have to omit it)
  • What were you thinking?!
  • Explosive Insight: different
  • Get mad
  • Get mad
  • Go with Wakasa, Shidou, and Urabe
  • Western with Wakasa
  • [Create quick save]
  • Yeah (Unlock special scene/CG)
  • [Load quick save]
  • I don’t think so
  • Breaktime: Wakasa
  • Scissors
  • Right!
  • Urabe, are you all right?
  • The ceiling’s going to crush us!
  • Tell him to do his best
  • Explosive Insight: Queen of Hearts
  • Get mad
  • You were late, so I went to find you
  • How are you feeling?
  • Breaktime: Wakasa
  • Go with Shirabe and Wakasa
  • Come on, this way!
  • Get mad
  • Is there something you want to tell us?
  • Seven deadly sins
  • Explosive Insight: seven deadly sins
  • Got it
  • Explosive Insight: All these sins
  • Trust Urabe
  • Get mad
  • Breaktime: ???

stage-4-towa-wakasaSTAGE ★ 4

  • You’re an amazing singer!
  • I’m counting on you!
  • Let’s decide together
  • Explosive Insight: Restaurant
  • Yell
  • He did it for me
  • [Create Save]
  • Did something happen?
  • You’re so mature


  • I’m embarrassed
  • Explosive Insight: one other
  • Hold on
  • Get mad
  • Just have fun!
  • I’m not scared with you here
  • You’re amazing
  • Get mad
Bad ★ End
  • Access “Diary” in the Title screen
  • Wakasa Stage 7 : Affection: 0/15


  • The diary is a great way to easily skip scenes. You can unlock the bad ending by simply adjusting the affection to zero before accessing the last diary entry.
  • Here in this example we set the affection to zero and selected the last diary entry.

Diary sweet fuse


2 thoughts on “Sweet Fuse Walkthrough: Wakasa Towa

  1. Hi, Im not too sure how to work the diary to get the bad endings, do I have to finish the game and get all the good endings first and then be able to adjust the affection levels? And when you adjust the affection levels do you have to go through the entire game again to get the bad endings or will it take you immediately to the bad ending? And do the bad endings have CGS? I finished Wakasa’s route and all the CGS for him are all filled up in the gallery.


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