Sweet Fuse Walkthrough: Ayumu Shirabe

First Play-

  • This walkthrough/guide assumes this is your first time playing Sweet Fuse.
  • I suggest playing in this order to maintain the mystery in the course of the story :
  • If this is not your first play, then pay attention to the green asterisk. * The one in green asterisk means this choice will be unlock after your first play. Pretty nice for an otome game ;)
Controls –
  • Pressing “Select” on your psp cycles through “Skip All” dialogs or “Skip read” dialogs. square will activate/disable the skip function.
  • L1 to [quick save]. R1 to [load quick save].
  • Triangle to access menu and change game settings.
  • Circle to take screenshots.


Ayumu Shirabe
  • You know who he is *
  • Examine statue with Shirabe, Mitarashi, and Urabe
  • I think it was the tail
  • Explosive Insight: “Awaken to your destiny”
  • Wakasa might know something
  • Let Meoshi try
  • Take his hand
  • Examine the floor with Shirabe and Meoshi
  • What were you thinking?!
  • Explosive Insight: different
  • Get mad
  • Get mad
  • Go with Shirabe and explorer the park
  • Take a snack
  • Breaktime: Shirabe
  • Paper
  • Did he think I felt bad about messing it up?
  • Urabe are you all right?
  • The ceiling’s going to crush us!
  • Tell him to do his best
  • Explosive Insight: Queen of Hearts
  • Get mad
  • You were late, so I went to find you
  • How are you feeling?
  • Breaktime: Shirabe
  • Go with Shirabe and Wakasa
  • Come on, this way!
  • Get mad
  • Is there something you want to tell us?
  • Seven deadly sins
  • Explosive Insight: seven deadly sins
  • Got it
  • Explosive Insight: All these sins
  • Trust Urabe
  • Get mad
  • Breaktime: ???
  • I’ll go with you
  • You don’t know much about her, do you?
  • You’re family. You’ll figure it out
  • Get mad
  • Circle around


  • A-Are you s-sure…?
  • Explosive Insight: touch
  • No, it was cool to learn about you
  • Give her a hug
  • I told you to stop doing that
  • Explosive Insight: something beyond that
  • [Create savepoint]
  • I’ll come with you
  • Get mad
  • It doesn’t matter


  • It’ll be a stretch
  • Go confront Hogstein
  • Get mad
Bad ★ End
  • Access “Diary” in the Title screen
  • Shirabe Stage 7 : Affection:0/15
  • The diary is a great way to easily skip scenes. You can unlock the bad ending by simply adjusting the affection to zero before accessing the last diary entry.
  • Here in this example we set the affection to zero and selected the last diary entry.

Diary sweet fuse


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