Kyoani teases fangirls: Swimming Anime

SWIMMING ANIME - Ore To Omae No Sa o Oshiete Yaru Yo HD PV(1080p_H.264-AAC).mp4_snapshot_00.04_[2013.03.08_06.39.02] SWIMMING ANIME - Ore To Omae No Sa o Oshiete Yaru Yo HD PV(1080p_H.264-AAC).mp4_snapshot_00.14_[2013.03.08_06.39.34] SWIMMING ANIME - Ore To Omae No Sa o Oshiete Yaru Yo HD PV(1080p_H.264-AAC).mp4_snapshot_00.10_[2013.03.08_06.39.49] SWIMMING ANIME - Ore To Omae No Sa o Oshiete Yaru Yo HD PV(1080p_H.264-AAC).mp4_snapshot_00.07_[2013.03.08_06.39.13]

The video caused massive nosebleed and attention, and hey I joined the caravan as well.. <3 . Despite the great visuals, too bad this was just a commercial for KyoAni, according to some tumblr fans.

According to Anime News Network, the supposed project title is “Ore to omae no sa o oshiete yaru yo!” (I’ll tell you what’s make you and me different!).  Most likely this “project”  is just intended to be a commercial after all. Looking back at Project Do‘s Work, swimming anime is not even listed in their 2012 projects but was listed in their CM works (Commercial Works) with KyoAni.

In the recent posts at Tumblr, some fans expressed deep regrets that the anime will never exist. The fandom started last year and some are still hopeful for updates. But there was never an official confirmation that it wont exist or they have no plans in turning it into a series, well that should bring your hopes up.  Some Japanese people are referring this into a Homo swiming to Fujoshi’s. If you could scroll down to that post, you can see hateful comments targeting fujoshi’s and the CM itself.

I really believe if KyoAni and Animation Do push this into a series, then they could really gain loyal female fans. Oh well, we really can’t have good stuff..right girls? Just continue supporting the fandom by buying official works, this should entice other companies to notice our feels…haha.

Fans have already decided on their names….So, which bishie would you take?


In April 2012, Animation Do, a property of Kyoto Animation, made an announcement for an untitled project about a swim team. The announcement only contained two images, one of a character swimming (shown below, left), and another of the four main characters standing in front of a pool.

Source: KYM


7 thoughts on “Kyoani teases fangirls: Swimming Anime

  1. I can’t decide on Tsundere or Senpai… just because I love both personalities… 8D 8D But I guess Senpai is winning over my heart with his refreshing smile!! (人´∀`*)


  2. Just saw that the individual screenshot of the boys came from this site so, I just HAD to check it out owo but ahh, I’m a bit sad that it wasn’t an anime… (damn.) But I do hope it becomes one! Really, really, REALLY hoping.

    Can I…take all four..? It’s so hard to choose…~! But what the hell, I say Pimp~ <3 Just because he reminds me off Okita Souji~ <3 and maybe a little of Harada Sanosuke (that hair <3) ;)


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