Koezaru wa Akai Hana : Ruji

During the first few days of arrival at Nasula after being kidnapped, Nala’s acquaintance became sick. The first doctor told them she is stricken with Kushida, a deadly disease that the country of Nasula had been fighting for years. For some reason it only affects women, and that’s why their female populace had been on a decline.

Nala however, refused to believe it and threatened to commit suicide if they can’t heal her. Tohya, took over and believed Nala was right, he then summoned Ruji. Ruji is a well known doctor in the country of Nasula and assured them that she was just fatigue from excessive stress and worry.

Tohya: Koezaru wa Akai HanaThe second half of the game is all about Tohya and Nala’s relationship. After Sharu’s escape had been foiled, Nala took responsibility, luckily Tohya was there and declared that Nala shall be his wife to save them. Nothing much developed in Tohya and Nala’s relationship since he’s a really sweet person. He kept his distance because he cannot afford to hurt Nala and even declared to her that they shall be friends. Lol…talk about reverse friend zoned.

The rest of the game now revolves with Ruji and Nala. Nala took a stroll and noticed a blanket that was caught by the wind and finally got tangled on a tree branch. She wanted to help the castle maids and volunteered to get the blanket, however she slipped—but Ruji caught her in time. Ruji then put her down after holding her in her arms for too long, and gave her vitamins making Nala blush for remembering a small detail.

Though it may not look like it, Ruji is pretty strong. He trained his physique because he was assaulted during his younger days. Luckily his friends were there , and so they managed to help him before it turned in to a Yaoi rape scene. Nala even described Ruji to have a feminine face and had a Russe-like appearance in regards to face and hair color. This became a secret to the two, and their friendship is born.
Nala now helps in the research for the cure, convincing Russe women to participate. Ruji then invited Nala for a night of drinking and told her to bring her friends. When all of them gathered at the lab, it was a surprise that his friends were partners with Nala’s friends. Now all that’s left is for Nala and Ruji to be a couple but it ain’t easy. Because Nala is the Kings’ wife, Ruji cannot make a move. To make things worse, they even found out that they’re cousins.

Koezaru wa Akai HanaAfter the cure was discovered, Tohya visited the lab and told Nala that she’ll be rewarded in bed, a joke which Ruji didn’t handle it too well and when Tohya went back to his room Ruji embraced Nala and cried and then they made love ..tralala~

Fast forward: Tohya believed that the cure would bridge peace to Russe and Nasula, which it did and so the women were freed as promised. Ruji took Nala somewhere far away to escape Nasula.
Best End: Tohya appeared and told them he’ll pretend that a monster ate them so that his relationship with Nala will have a closure. Fast forward: Ruji and Nala lived in an unknown country and received letters about her friends getting pregnant. So this may happened 9 months after the events of their escape. Then they decided to …get it on~
Ruji wanted a baby girl……Nala however wanted to have smex in the bed..not on the table.
Bad End: Nala didn’t accept Ruji’s proposal to run away with him and so she continued to be Tohya’s wife till she got pregnant. Ruji was asked to diagnose her condition, bitter with the course of events well…it was implied that he might have raped her.

Ruji is a minority…even though he’s damn hot. Well for the Event CG’s, they were not that great, but Character Sprites make up for it. Lol , you should see Nala’s hyperbending body,  but that’s to be expected for a small team of Otome game developers.  The story is good, though their country rules are really weird.
Another problem was that, there was no time to prove that Ruji’s strength was great. They could have added something like fighting alongside with Tohya during the war or etc, but hmm..maybe I’m demanding too much. I just want him to have a really long screen time. Akai Hana would have been perfect if they switched Ruji and Knoll’s importance. Also forgive me for my perv side,  but there wasn’t and white stuff when Ruji came in the event CG. Why am I complaining about this tiny detail? Well it makes me wonder if Ruji’s peen is actually a pussy… that’s all….heh.


4 thoughts on “Koezaru wa Akai Hana : Ruji

  1. I`m not sure if my first comment went through, since it didn`t appear.. so I`ll type it again :P First off, I really love your blog :D Secondly, I don`t know japanese, so I was wondering if you would be willing to translate this lovely game,? Maybe by using the visual novel reader (the one you made a tutorial for)? If you consider this, I would be incredibly grateful, since I`ve been wanting to play this game ever since it came out! Thank you so much :)


    1. Believe me when I say I’d love to translate this game, but my Japanese translation skill is not perfect. I don’t even have a formal education on it. I could organize a team, but it’s hard to find translators who are willing to translate r-18 games. :()


      1. Ohh that makes sense. Tbh, I would be happy with any english translation, I don’t care about the nit-picky stuff, so it would be okay if the translation wasn’t completely accurate or anything :P However, I understand. I also get how not many translators would be willing to translate R-18 games :( Hmm, if you ARE able to organize a team willing to do so, that would be AMAZING! If that doesn’t work, would you be able to create a team willing to take up maybe Noise-Voice of Snow (Operetta) and Garnet Cradle? Neither of those are R-18, plus they’re for the PC. Thanks :D


  2. I followed the links and tried to download but i needed to register and it was in russian..i used googlepage translate to click the stuff but i couldnt register…Help?


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