Starry Sky Translation: Finally!

Starry Sky Translation patch
Rejoice Starry Sky fans! An English subtitled game will be coming out soon . But the team is in need of Japanese Translators! You can also check out other Otome Games that are waiting to be translated~

For Starry Sky Autumn and Winter contact Sakura :

Otome games are rarely translated, there is recently a personA translation project too. Would this be a good start for non-Japanese Otome gamers to finally be able to play English versions of the game? :)

Starry Sky translation patch


11 thoughts on “Starry Sky Translation: Finally!

  1. I would love to see all these otoge projects come to completion! I wish I can contribute in some way, sadly my japanese skill is not at the level where I can help make decent translations orz


  2. Hello there, Starry Sky fan over heree!!! Has there been any progress with this season? ‘Cuz I’ve been searching everywhere and some of the website telling me that they dropping Starry Sky in Summer translation project *sob sob* I’m still waiting though


    1. Hi, there’s been an issue with the Starry Sky translation projects as the parent company made sure no one is fan translating it. So, it’s been stuck to hiaus ever since.


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