Artist: Uki Atsuya

A day with the Diva

I gave up on JPCSP and got myself a real PSP. Since I finished Hakuouki series,  I decided to spend my time to the world’s most adorable virtual diva;  Hatsune Miku.

Project Diva Extend is the first Vocaloid game that I have tried. It’s a beat-rhythm game (a game that revolves in hitting the control buttons according to the music beat) and the  challenging beat maps are quite a handful for a newcomer in PSP like me. I find it hard at first, but I noticed my game skills improving as time progresses, in fact it took just a day for me to actually finish all easy levels, 50% on the normal levels and 20% on hard levels.

So why does it stand out among the rest?

Character Interaction + Challenge

Len KagamineSpending time in Len and Kaito’s room was worth a bucket full of nosebleed. But before you could accomplish this you need to unlock their rooms by completing the hard modes of their  respective music. Yes folks, I found myself having sleepless nights just to have a decent ranking and unlock their rooms. Another challenging part of it is that,  you need to buy such rooms after unlocking them, and it’s not cheap.

Character Customization + Challenge

Kaito Project diva extendI’m so happy that Project Diva Extend had many clothes in store for the Vocaloid team, they are referred to as “Modules”. But you also need to unlock them by completing  the “Normal” mode challenge  and more will be unlocked in the “Hard” mode as well. Like the rooms,  Modules need to be bought too.  Hard mode modules costs 20,000 points while Normal modules to Easy ones costs 15,000-10,000 points.

Pairing Bias

Project Diva LenXMikuI totally love LenXMiku and KaitoXMiku pairings, Project Diva gives me that kind of fantasy..haha. By utilizing them in a duet song, you’ll be finding yourself grinning over their couple interaction (even though you need to suffer because it’s not their voice that they will be depends on the song.)

Score Challenge

Project Diva Clear LenXMiku

Project Diva Extend has a different score system than it’s old counter parts, you need to hit at least 85% of the notes on the screen, or else you’ll fail my frail asian student.

Pit Falls

Hatsune Miku PSPProject Diva Extend lags when you’re playing it via the Memory stick, you need the original UMD or speed up your psp by soft modding it and tinker with the settings in the VSH menu.

Also, most of the PV’s are made half heartedly, with the exception of Ura Mote Lovers. I expected Sega to do better, but I guess they are just in it for the money. Compared to Project Diva 2nd, at least Extend improved their dance steps. If you played 2nd, I know you noticed the horrible dance steps they made.

Gay Kaito and Gay Len; I really don’t get it… In the promotional video we noticed Len to be a really cool guy but in the room interaction we get a Len that is all cute-sy and gay.


If you want to waste time while waiting for something or need a brain challenge, why not pick this little gem? Despite the pit falls I still enjoy playing Diva especially in hard and normal mode. There are still many more functions in the game that I didn’t mention in my post, and that includes customizing your game identity, editing your very own PV and many more.  And for additional information…. this ain’t an RPG game and it’s available in English through a psp plug-in, no patch required.


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