Dandelion Demo :Jiyeon

When Heejung Kim  found a basket of rabbits and cats in her front door, she never expected to get a lot more than just cuddly affection.

Jiyeon is the orange cat in Dandelion and is the easiest guy to capture in the game. Basically his requirement stat is the lowest among the rest, he’s already attracted to you right from the start and his gift item requirements is pretty cheap.

His attitude is that of a child, he loves oranges, watch nature channels, and acts cute while doing so. In his cat form, he is commonly seen wandering in the bathroom area.

Jiyeon’s human transformation happened when Heejung hurriedly went to the veterinarian because she thought something was wrong with him.In the human transformation he is known for loving baths and throws orange peel everywhere. Heejung also found out that he begs from the elderly for food by shamelessly pretending to be poor after secretly following him.

The demo only shows 20% of the plot as some parts remains a mystery. But in Jiyeon’s route, it was revealed that all of them are part of a game being layed out by a wizard that turned them into animals. They are not allowed to reveal too much information, as it is stated in the “contract”.

I absolutely adore Jiyeon’s event cg, but his character sprite is a bit messy and I do hope Cheritz team will work on that.

Dandelion is a Otome Dating Sim game by Cheritz. English version will come out on November 30, 2012.

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