Dandelion Demo: Jiwoo

When Heejung Kim  found a basket of rabbits and cats in her front door, she never expected to get a lot more than just cuddly affection.

Jiwoo is the brown spotted rabbit and ranks second in the most easiest to capture guys in Dandelion. This ore-sama rabbit has a knack for romance novels and loves to call you an idiot. He claims his spots are marks of Royalty and is quite foul mouthed but our heroine loves to tease him. His favorite place is the bookstore and his gifts should be romance novels and a bookmark which is quite easy to get.

If you manage to follow him non-stop in his animal form there’s a chance that you will get a Gold Pendant from him. Jiwoo also prefers smart and artistic girls, if the heroine is stressed out you need to buy the medicine from the shop to lower her stress meter.

Buy an art book from the bookshop to raise your Art stat. For beauty I suggest buying expensive make-up in the shop and as for Feminine stat, unlock the “Watch Drama” when your heart meter has gone up.

I don’t want to be bias but Jiwoo is my most anticipated character in Dandelion, I really can’t stop fangirling about him ever since I saw him in the Wishes event.


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