Dandelion Demo: Jisoo

Jisoo Dandelion Cheritz

When Heejung Kim  found a basket of rabbits and cats in her front door, she never expected to get a lot more than just cuddly affection.

Jisoo Dandelion Cheritz

Jisoo may look cool but he’s kind of an airhead and a gluttonous person to boot. Even though his animal form is a black cat, he acts like a dog and sits in the couch like a human..It was revealed that he dislikes to take a bath because he claimed to have adapted to the thought that cats only clean themselves.

He loves a pat on his left cheek, to relax in the couch, and watch the hero movie in the cinema. He has high standards for beauty and feminity, so be sure to unlock “Apply Make-up”, “Dress-up”, “Watch infomercial” action. The way to this mans heart is food, so give him cooking related gift items and a leather jacket. He’s gonna give you earrings if you manage to follow him non-stop in his cat form and you can use it to boost your beauty.

Jisoo Cheritz Dandelion

Jisoo’s human transformation scene was quite daring, this shameless cat was on top of the heroine when she was having nightmares of her mom scolding her about her health. In the drinking event, Jisoo was really lonely and worried when Heejung (the heroine) went home at 2 am after getting a sudden confession from her childhood friend. He gives a really cute expression if you wont let him see your artbook.


I got mixed feelings about Jisoo, I thought he was a total bad boy judging from his appearance. Jiwoo would totally defeat him for being hot tempered and stupid. He’s quite adorable, and his sprite cg is glorious~. He’s not much of a talkative type but he’s loud when watching infomercials about food or anything food related, he’d be the first one to appear and greet you when you arrive at home.


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