Star Stealing Prince

Last time I played a 2D pixel-esque RPG game was 5 years ago and  it was Y’s Ark of Napishtim– which I gave up because of a cruel boss that I couldn’t manage to defeat, the rest of the games that I touched was so redundant in concept and had more complicated battle system that I gave up playing these types of games,  then this little gem however …caught my eye.

The story starts out with you to play the role of Prince Snowe, in the snow covered land had a village that is connected with the Prince. If the Prince is happy, the villagers are happy, if the Prince is sad, the villagers are also sad.

Then one day, a demon appeared in his dream and gave him nightmares that involved burning a blonde girl. He was forcefully ejected out of his comfort zone and went on an adventure to get her, but not long after he was already greeted by a ruthless Griffin and supposedly died. Luckily he was saved by the demon servant of the girl that appeared on his dreams. It turns out that the girl (Astra) didn’t need any saving at all, and was actually assigned by his late parents to gaurd over the formation of the stars.

Upon returning to the Village, cruel fate awaits the Prince as the link between him and the village disappeared.

Nobody knew him except for his secondary parents; his Adviser and Magic Teacher. He was tasked to restore the link, but only to find out that this revolves in a much larger conspiracy including the lives of his late parents and the origins of the villagers themselves. The journey to discover the real story and their true selves .

You might be thinking these type of games are not suited for a lady, but fear not. The simplicity of the game system as well as lovable characters, beautiful art,  and a touch of good story would definitely pique your interest. The  gameplay is a bit tricky since it’s not the usual stat raising, hacks and slash rpg. Buffing, using items are pretty important in boss fights so be sure to sell those junk to Numismatis. I got large dark circles forming under my eyes because I didn’t stop playing this for 3 days.

Believe it or not, Star Stealing Prince is a free RPG game created by Star Cadets team. These people are really dedicated in giving us the best so please support their works!


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