Heartful Chance! Review

Teenage love is a bittersweet comedy, Eimi Mitchell may be the love letter princess but her love life isn’t that colorful at all. Forced to write a love letter after Charlotte blackmailed her, she became popular after gaining a 100% success rate on her work.

Her first mission was to deliver Charlotte’s letter at her crush’s locker room. Strictly no girls allowed but she had no choice, she was caught by the raven haired bishie Kouhei Ishida sneaking in, but he calmly pointed her to the said locker. He instantly became her crush but was crushed right away,  after he requested for a love letter for his crush. Love sick, she decided to call the radio DJ of Love Problems.

Henri and Eimi’s first meeting wasn’t pleasant. When she came crying after Kouhei’s request, he told her that she’s too noisy. They met again the next morning and threw insults at each other, but this time Henri was softer compared to the other day, Eimi’s impression of him changed.

If you choose not to write Kouhei a love letter, you’ll find yourself escaping from him and arrive at the school’s swimming pool, where Henri was swimming,  and he’ll listen to your love problem. But he’d tell you that it wasn’t a big deal, his problems were much worse because of the break-up of his girlfriend for 5 years. Eimi wanted to help him, so she decided to consult the DJ but he didn’t gave a much helpful advice, so the next day he offered him a reconciliation letter for his girlfriend, he accepted.

They argued after Henri told Eimi to move on already. The next day, they made up and they ate strawberry ice cream that he bought at the vending machine. Henri accidentally revealed to her that he was actually the love DJ that she called every night. After the silence, he asked if it’s possible to be her boyfriend. He jokingly took it back not knowing Eimi already had feelings for him.
Valentines day at last, and the the anticipation of him giving the letter was intense. Eimi watched them from the shadows and went to the rooftop afterwards but was surprised that Henri also came and he told her that he gave his girlfriend a rejection letter instead. And so he confessed his feelings and they became a couple~


Though my review may not look like it, but Heartful chance is actually filled with comical dialogues that will surely pique your interest. It’s a really good cliche love story to boot, though very short, Sugary Sparkle worked hard on the plentiful CG’s of the game. The music is great, as well as the pink interface though it was really hard that some buttons were not present for a RenPy game, oh and did I mention that you can get this game for free? Get it here at heir official website.

I didn’t put up a full summary of the game too, it’s because I really encourage you [as the reader] to try it out yourselves :) English Otome Games deserves more love you know?


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