Miyaji’s Bikini Scene

I can’t help but be happy after completing Miaji’s route in Starry Sky ~In Summer~. He’s a conservative yet sweet loving, demonic yet hard working serious athlete with a temper. I was quite tempted with Azusa’s route at first (my shota senses are ting-gu-ling) but Miyaji’s tsuun~ side makes me want to rape him in the corner take him on first. 

Now lets go to my favorite events~

In the Summer version, Tsukiko’s so shameless! It’s misleading in so many ways. Miyaji furiously blushes and monologues about it. She can’t hear about his words though but …deep inside he wants it to be meant for him. Azusa realizing that, picks on Miyaji for being dishonest with himself to the point that he even teased him that he’d steal Tsukiko and so Miyaji was forced to confess to her not knowing Azusa was just bluffing. (^▽^)

Miyaji complains whenever Tsukiko makes the first move, like holding his hand or even taking the cream from his mouth. He’s so conservative, that even if they started going out he doesn’t like to be called at his first name yet. Poor Tsukiko….

Favorite Scenes:

When Tsukiko was asked about the type of guy she likes, the description she chosed matched perfectly at Miyaji but he was like “Oh, thats a nice decision” not knowing it was referring to him. Shiratori had to point it out and Homare even shared a story about Miyaji being surrounded by girls during tournaments that he even received a love letter. Oguma asked Miyaji why he’s so popular with women but Miyaji avoided the question and blamed Tsukiko on the topic. She then wondered if its ok to change the type she likes but Miyaji refuses. 

Surprise Bikini Scene! I’m exaggerating lol, nonetheless Tsukiko wanted to buy a swimsuit and saw Miyaji along the way. She invites him to come (Srsly Tsukiko! Have some decency! LOL) and help her pick a swimsuit but he rejected her. And so Tsukiko bribed him with strawberry ice cream, and so he agreed.   Miyaji told her to be close to him, but she holds his hand instead making him fluster and told her to let go. Tsukiko asked if its ok to hold his sleeves instead but he told her its ok to hold his hand and never let go. 

In the end, Tsukiko sulked because she couldn’t buy a swim wear because Miyaji averted his eyes whenever she asked for a comment on how she looks.

Miyaji was like “I’m a guy and I’m conservative” and stuff,

Tsukiko then teased “But Azusa said I looked good in a one piece swimsuit“.

Miyaji replied “Since when did Azusa told that?! That little brat“.

Tsukiko: “I lied. There is no way Azusa could tell me that. But Miyaji, in truth do you want to pick a swimsuit for me?“.


Tsukiko: “Your ice scream spilled!”

Teheee~ Bits:

In Miyaji’s route there is also a bit of Homare fluff going on. Tsukiko goes on saying “I like Captain” and everyone was shocked.

During the closing ceremony, he’s the first one to protect her from the crowd. I’m starting to love Homare, especially in the ~After Summer~ arc. He’s quite the gentleman type 


Starry Sky ~In Summer~ definitely have noticeable improvements. The script writing  improved a lot, I never got bored playing the game unlike Spring. There’s a fantastic OP in the beginning, all casts are loveable and new cg backgrounds are available. There’s also a placeholder for CG’s. Now people would not worry about how many CG’s they have unlocked.

I have yet to play the other routes. I’m getting excited~ This is the first time I played an Otome Game using AGTH/IGTH and text aggregator. I would usually wait for patches but due to the limited activeness of the Otome Gaming Community, and Oge not having plans of re-appearing to the public and me getting desperate (I’m almost 20 years old..shikushou!) of having limited youth, I forced myself to learn it.

Even though its only 70% accurate, I’m glad there are ways to re-translate a certain conversation. When I tried it on Starry Sky Autumn by the way and it scared the batshit out of me! It was almost as if its 100% inaccurate. I was getting crazy lol..I think I should take Japanese lessons but I’m almost finished with my course so I really don’t know what to prioritize.  Screen kissing husbands or my studies..? 

This review is old and was originally posted at my old blog: Shinkai Summit


6 thoughts on “Miyaji’s Bikini Scene

  1. Ah you are playing ss in summer? How is it? I played the spring and even though it is in English I fell asleep lol and I don’t really like the heroine :v:


    1. Hello! This was an old entry from my old blog. Since I’m busy with school work, I queued old posts from my blog entry to make my blog a bit active while I’m gone :D
      SS summer is waaaaaaay butter than Spring ;)
      In my opinion at least, Tsukiko’s attitude went from spineless to shameless XD


  2. I went after Miyaji first cos it’s Kamiyan XD and we share the same birthday \^o^/ It was such a good route but I felt it went downhill after the kiss, cos he kept denying his feelings.. -_- not cool bro. Homare became my irreplaceable favourite (until I got to Kazuki, at least) after I finished the game .I’ve not played any of the After seasons other than After Spring. Like you, i’m waiting for the chinese patch to come out but it has been quite a few months without news T_T maybe I’ll just wait till the end of the year. I’ve heard a lot of good stuff about After Summer 8D enjoy the game!!


    1. Oh, you can read chinese? Lucky you ;-;

      Indeed, Miyaji went had personality issues after the kiss but hey we still got more SS boys to be fanning about lol ^0^
      After summer is great! They got the best songs compared to the other after stories,… ;3


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