Anime Windows 7 Theme Tutorial

Tips and pre-requisites:

  • I really really recommend making a restore point before proceeding. My first try screwed up too. Also I recommend this tutorial for people who knows what to do, in case their computers screwed up.
  • I enabled my Japanese locale for this baby to work because this theme is made in China,  and lastly you should have administrator rights to install the theme.
  •  Also feel free to print the instructions on paper to avoid getting lost~

Just a tiny warning:

I won’t be held responsible for any damages that would happen to your computer. If you’re confident that you know how your computer works and you’re good at following instructions, then proceed~ and prepare for the mighty “F8”.

Installing the Theme

  1. Download the windows 7 Black Rock Shooter theme here [x]. Scroll down and you should see the link.
  2. Extract the Zip file and you should see two files; a text file and “Black Rock Shooter Win7”
  3. Right click “Black Rock Shooter WIN7” and click “Run as administrator”
  4. Click the dropdown menu and select “English”, click the “Bien” button afterwards.
  5. Next > •I Accept Agreement > Next > Password: > Next > Install
  6. When you encounter a window with a 20 second countdown, proceed and wait for 20 seconds while it patches up your theme then click close. If in case the countdown didn’t respond and it took more than 20 seconds hit “Alt+F4”. In my case, I didn’t encounter such problem.
  7. In the last window, you will see 2 check buttons. Uncheck the second button and check the first button. Click “Finish”

Ok, so were done with the theme but wait!

  • It’s still incomplete! You need to patch up some windows files because M*cr*soft is a fag for disabling user customization  In this part of the tutorial, this involves tinkering with folder icons and changing with the start menu.
  • If you are already satisfied with just the BRS wallpaper and is afraid of breaking their computer to bits then do not proceed and just right click your desktop and the Black Rock Shooter theme would be there~ else….if you want to unlock the full potential and beauty of your theme then proceed.
  1. By now, a small window will appear with 4 buttons. Click on the Top Left Button.
  2. User Interface Language: English
  3. Yes
  4. Patch
  5. Patch
  6. Patch
  7. You’re computer should restart.
  8. Go to your Start Menu > show all programs > Black Rock Shooter Windows 7 Theme and this should appear
  9. Right click on the one pointed in the red arrow and click “Open File Location”
  10. Look for “Shell Change” and right click > “Run as Administrator”.
  11. Click on the button that appears, and it should prompt you to restart your PC.. in my case it forcibly restarted mine.
  12. After the restart, right click on your desktop and choose Black Rock Shooter theme under “Personalization”.
  13. The BRS theme should be working now, but the start menu screws up after clicking “all programs” if you have too many items.
  14. To fix it……. Right click on the taskbar > properties > on the tab choose start menu >customize
  15. Scroll at the buttom and you should see “Use Large Icons”. Disable it and click ok.
  16. PROFIT???


I screwed up! I get System32.dll error. Halp!
  • Prepare your “F8” because you’ll be booting in Safe Mode.
  • Click “Restore Point” and it should take hours/minutes to get your computer back in shape. (I already warned you about it)


  • Sola – for the original tutorial and number 12 screenshot. Also, for providing us the BRS theme and more.
  • Huangtush @ D.A – more themes
  • Espectra @ D.A – Naruto theme

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