Yo-Jin-Bo is probably the first Otome game that has been licensed to English. You found an antique necklace in a historical excavation site, upon bringing it at home, a ghastly hologram of a princess named Hatsuhime appeared seeking for help.  Whether you decline or accept, you will be pulled to the past and help her escape her assassination.5 bodyguards were hired to help you escape. Depending on your choice, you’d end up with one of them or die (Bad End).

Yozaburo is the youngest of them. He’s a skilled ninja with strong kicks and sharp hearing senses. He doesn’t like to be treated like a kid though.

My favorite part with his route was at the rooftop of the watchtower. It was about to be blown by purple curly locks (lol! I totally forgot his name). Yozaburo tells you to jump off the roof, and a really romantic scene where you will be confessing him while sky diving.

You safely landed after the branches breaks the acceleration of your fall and when the real Hatsuhime was to be transformed back but Mon-Mon touched the  amulet and she went into his body instead. Hatsuhime didn’t complain though, in fact she’s so happy that she wanted to travel and impress his dad that  she’s gonna be a male heir.

But since you are stuck on Hatsuhime’s body you are to be engaged with another heir, so Yo decided to leave before that happens. When he was about to get out of the place, he noticed a presence around the bushes and decided to pounce on it. But he was surprised it was actually the heroine and she told Yo she wanted to be a ninja just like him. The heroine actually escaped from the wedding which made Yozaburo worried, but he’s happy she wanted to stay with him.


Yo-Jin-Bo’s dialogue antics and star wars references are hilarious. There are no Heroine stats in the game though, but there is a timer when picking a choice so be sure to read the walk through ahead on or you’ll miss it. The game route is really short tough, but because there are many guys to choose from the game length is slightly longer.

I just noticed this is the second time I chose a shota route first. I feel like a perv~, and here I am hating those lolicon driven men. Oh lol.

The Verdict

  • Story: A-
  • Character Designs: A-
  • Enjoyment Factor: A-
  • Voice Acting: A+
  • Replay Value: B
  • Music: B+
  • Game UI+UX: A-


  1. Hello! I was actually going to read this first, but your ‘caught in the act’ post got my attention instead instead haha
    Yo Jin Bo made me laugh a lot, I still giggle to myself when I recall some scenes now and then. Personally I feel that Yo was one of the more outstanding characters, especially his voice, though there was too much fanservice between Monzan and Yo– an entire CG dedicated to that pairing lol?! Ittosai was my favourite ^///^


    1. LOL, I remember the medical scene too…hahah… my emotions mixed up after getting that CG scene…. poor heroine. ^0^
      I have just finished Jin's route and it was very good too, ending made me feel so happy ;D But seriously Ittosai? IDK, I find him frightening though…except at the hot spring scenes..lol~ ^_^;;


  2. I picked Ittosai and it was awesome but the ending made me go really?! I was super mad and hoping i could do something about it. There were such an AMAZING couple!!!


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