Girlish Love Revo: Fukami Souta

Love Revo is a ridiculously addictive Otome Game on NDS that has been recently translated from korean to english by the group tokimemogs1 that also brought us English patches for Tokimeki Memorial on NDS.

You start out as  a really fat heroine owning the apartment where the hot guys live. The heroine used to be so pretty but she got addicted by the sweets and food that your fans gave you.

There are 9 attainable guys including your brother and some of the guys are really really hard to please but the first guy I chose was Fukami Souta. I find him really sweet ,he’s the only guy in the Hot 5 group that didn’t hate you for your appearance.

He starts out clingy and follows you, even to the point of joining the drama club because you’re there. Even if he’s small, he wants to protect you– especially where the Mary Sue character decided to embarrass you. 

Like the  heroine, Souta likes sweets a lot. He even shares them to you if he invites you to his room. He has a delicate side though especially to his family. He was neglected when their family business grew, so he was sent to his grandma’s house to recover. But when his grandma was hospitalized, He was down to the point where he wasnt eating anymore. If you manage to pick the right choices, of course he’d recover.

My favorite part was the cultural festival event. Souta was chosen as the Prince for the Drama Club presentation and after the play, he guides you to the stairs where he hugged you and said he’d wish he’d catch up with you.

I managed to get him on my first try, he’s one of the easiest characters to get and is on par with the school doctor in terms of statistics. I’ll be posting links to guides here on a separate post.

The Verdict

  • Story: A
  • Character Designs: A
  • Enjoyment Factor: A+
  • Replay Value: A
  • Music: A –Every guy has its own background music.
  • Game UI+UX: B+ –It’s really hard to navigate sometimes

This was originally posted at my old blog: Shinkai Summit


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