Caught in the act

Just when I  thought I’m old enough to play mature themed games, then our housemaid opened the door.

My PC is located inside our mini library with a dysfunctional door. By dysfunctional I mean the doorknob orientation is reversed, I can’t lock it on the inside. Pretty weird eh? It used to be our garden, but dad didn’t bother fixing it, I bet he implied that I’m not the type of person to be trusted. Well, his instincts might be right.

I was pretty surprised, that our housemaid was watching me playing Akazukin to Mayoi no Mori for 5 minutes and I swear I never hear the door being opened. I glared at her and she glared back and tells me in a harsh tone

Why are you watching perverted cartoons?

I simply gave a wry smile and minimized the window, she got out of the room afterwards and never spoke of it again. Then just when I thought it was going to be fine, mom arrived at the house. She rarely visits the library anyway, and I was pretty sure she’d retire to bed after that;  surprise surprise…she opened the crappy door and saw what I did. She softly closes the door and returned to her bedroom, and pretty sure she never spoke about it ever again………..I hope.

I understand my folks never understood this kind of entertainment, in my country we barely had ecchi or perverted cartoons on TV. Our media is conservative with animation media, but there’s always perverted game shows being broadcast. But I  just want to tell our housemaid, what’s the difference between my mature content to hers? It’s like complaining to the whole porn industry itself. /okay that was my defense mechanism of denying the fact that I was caught red handed…twice.

Well after that, I wrote this post not knowing dad was reading it from behind….how could my day get any worse?  (┛◉Д◉)┛彡┻━┻


11 thoughts on “Caught in the act

  1. Err I think your housemaid is rather rude, you should tell her to mind her own business lol Anyway when I played R-18, I played it in my room using earphone but I think my parent already know about it and since I am already old enough they didn’t say anything xD


    1. I don’t want to say harsh words at her..haha..~
      she took care of us since we were born xD

      Lucky you~ my parents are sooo conservative, they didn’t even listened to my explanation and instead gave me a bible verse to reflect on…nyahahaha ^___^

      That reminds me…I need headphones too ;-; mine just broke yesterday


      1. Ah since you were born?I see xD Maybe because I am already mid-twenty so my parent kinda understand about it xD Lol you should buy new headphone since it is essential for R-18 game xDDD


  2. Am I at the blog of the daughter of a ninja family or something? XD Either that or you’re too engrossed in your game play.
    How about shifting the position of your PC such that you get a view of the door– I turn my laptop to the side and continue playing from the table side when I know a mature scene is coming up. Or simply put up something reflective so you actually can see what’s going on behind you =D


    1. Yeah I was enjoying it…a lot, I’m wearing headphones at high volumes and my monitor is as big as our TV… Even if I shift the position, I still couldn’t notice our housemaid opening the door. Just recently I purchased motion detectors at our local IT shops…(the one used in Hyouka). I’ll try setting it up for later :D


      1. LOL the one from Hyouka, that’s a high tech solution ^^ good luck and hope there won’t be anymore embarrassing moments!


  3. LOL I know it’s rude to laugh at someone’s pain but your post really made me laugh for a long time. I always played my R18 stuff in a position where the monitor isn’t visible from the door of the room. In fact I have developed a habit of keeping my door locked for silly reasons (taking a nap etc) on purpose so that my folks can’t tell when I’m locking it for…uh…impure reasons. XD And what a coincidence, my headphone broke too a few months ago too, I had to listen to hscenes in an extremely low volume for a while. But I got a new one recently ^_^

    I’m adding you to my blogroll ;) I really need to be more active at wordpress, my shitty blogspot hates me >.<


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