AKTMNM: Ookami-san

It’s my first time playing an R-18 otome game and I had my heart poured into it but..I think I poured too much.

I already finished reading Hinano’s opinion about R-18 Otome games and I know most of these games are really bad in terms of story and chracter development. But playing the first half of Akazukin, I thought “This game isnt bad at all”.

 The first half was sweet and fluffy and the character development was great. Ookami took care of Tiana as if she was his little sister, although he bluffs of eating her; he never showed signs of doing so.

Then the sudden change of character attitude ruins everything followed. I was pretty shock with the development of Ookami-sans route. I don’t have any problems with prOn pictures or events, but I didnt expect that BS rape scene, and Tiana getting abused and after all that shat going on, Ookami just loves her but never did I hear him saying sorry for all he had done..ugh… and the rest of the story is all about humping.

I don’t find his rape story exciting, it’s grossing me out! XXX scenes are fine, the molesting part feels so forced. I managed to finish all his endings, and I’ll still continue playing it for Kitsune’s sake. I’ll cry it out on another posts if another shit event like this would happen.

On the bright side,  I love the CG’s,  I’m a bit happy, that I chose this game as my first R-18 themed story.

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3 thoughts on “AKTMNM: Ookami-san

  1. Ha2 your reaction is the same with me when I played this game. That raped scene really disgust me and I abandoned the game right away. It is one of the reason why I rarely play R-18 game :( Ah you are playing tokyo boy? How is the story? I’ve never played that game before maybe because I don’t really like the art, but I heard many good things about this game.

    Btw wanna exchange link? ^-^


    1. But I actually loved Kitsune’s route to be honest. I’m glad I didn’t gave up on the game~
      Tokyo Yamanote Boys is a refreshing start!, not the usual cliche high school game start. It’s definitely worth a play so far~
      Yey! I’d love to exchange links with you *adds* ^___^


      1. Lol I thought I already sent you the reply but i doesn’t show up, so strange….

        Ah so Kitsune’s route is good? Maybe I should try continuing this game too. But the rape scene is too much for me lol.

        Nice to hear that TYB is good *put it into my backlog*

        Thank you ^-^



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