DevOSD + LEC ClipTrans Tutorial

Ever wonder how to put translations over your Otome game dialogue box? Well this isn’t a hack, but rather a box which copies the translation from Translator Aggregator and puts it over the game dialogue. Continue reading for the tutorial.


  • Translator Aggregator
  • Basic knowledge of ITH/AGTH and Translator Aggregator


  • Download devOSD from this thread. I’m using version beta.
  • Extract the file to the Translator Aggregator Folder. Make sure it has its own folder.

  • You’re done with the installation, but you have to test it out first. Whenever you start your game, you have to run DevOsd manually. Open the devOSD folder and click “devOSD.exe”.
  •  You can see 6 colorful mini icons on the bottom right of the program, click “TA”. This means devOSD will be copying the first translation window of your Translator Aggregator. In this case, I chose the ATLAS as my main source of translation

  • Turn on your AGTH or ITH, Translator Aggregator and your favorite game and it should now look like this.

Intermediate Level

Aside from the basics, this part will cover more functions of your devOSD. Make sure devOSD is selected in order for the keyboard shortcuts to work.

Hiding/Unhide the mini icons.

  • Hit the tilde “~” of your keyboard.

Changing Colors and Fonts

  • Right click the devOSD dialogue

Changing theme

  • Hit “F3”


  • Hit “F1”

Quickly Increase/Decrease font size

  • Shift + Mousewheel Up/Mousewheel Down

Hard Mode

Why do I consider this hard anyway? It’s because it involves purchasing a commercial software called “LEC Power Translator Version 15”. If you’re lucky enough to have this copy then you can proceed with step —, else you can ask a copy from me. (Just comment with your e-mail and I’ll send the link, I’ll ask not to share it to someone else though. Because I definitely won’t re-upload it anymore.)

  • Go to Start > LEC Power Translator 15 > Lec Clip Trans

  • If you are getting localhost errors, fear not.
  • Go to your Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services
  • Search LEC TranslateDotNet Server and on the left side, click “Start”

  • Close Lec ClipTrans and open it again. You should notice that the mini computer icon is now green. Set the language to Ja > En and you’re done setting up LEC Clip Trans. But wait, you need to set it up for DevOsd.

  • Go back to your devOSD and click “LT” mini icon on the bottom right, and finally your devOSD is hooked with your LEC Translator. Enjoy playing the game~

9 thoughts on “DevOSD + LEC ClipTrans Tutorial

  1. Hello i got an copy of lec, but whenever i try to start dot net it tells me to login, which i cant since i didnt really buy it. what to do?


  2. I know this is old, but i just read the VNreader guide and decided to try it out but i am curious does LEC work with VNreader? I just dont want to look into purchasing it or trying to find it online if it wont


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