Lucky Rabbit Reflex


Before immersing myself to Japanese Otome games, I actually loved playing English Otome games. My IRL friends caught me playing this game during our break and somehow I got them playing with me too.

Lucky Rabbit Reflex starts with a 17 year old nameless heroine, there’s no default name for her so for now let’s call her Brenda. After configuring her basic details, the story of her unfolds. As she was immersing herself with her shoujo manga, she missed the  freshman welcoming and managed to bump with this raven Bishie.

Meet Shuppin Marchelaure, he’s your future bestfriend’s brother. He’s quite popular with the ladies, but for some reason–people say he’s unapproachable.

Here’s Rhett Sugden, though very straight forward and harsh at first; this guy’s hard heart is really attractive for some reason. I find guys that are hard to get, really…really attractive.

So far these two are the only routes I’ve managed to finish. There are still 3 more guys available to unlock. The game has 16 endings (wow), 75 cg’s and more features. I still find some  inconsistency of art a minus, but baah~ I love the unique artist style and great script writing <3

This game deserves more praises, and I love it’s unique story telling , the makers used comic styled panels for some events. The graphic interface is superb, I love how there’s a tiny icon next to the save file where it determines which route you are taking, there’s also an album of the CG’s and endings that you managed to unlock. Grab your copy of the game!


8 thoughts on “Lucky Rabbit Reflex

  1. ^-^ I played this game before out of curiosity but in the end I love it. The game reminds me of Tokimeki GS, the system looks the same but it’s simpler. Do you try Always remember me and winter in fairbrook? That games are nice too ^-^


    1. I can’t afford winter in fairbook ..haha XD But yeah I liked Always Remember me :D
      And yes the interface is pretty similar with Tokimeki minus the complicated game system..haha ^_^


  2. I really really love Lucky Rabbit, and completed pretty much all the routes except for the dual route for Rhett and Beck, because darn.. it was tough and I wasn’t all that interested in Beck XD
    Also, it’s possible to go for a friendship ending with a female friend of your choice which makes a total of 12 different endings to obtain. Awesome game!


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