Translator Aggregator Substitution Tutorial

TA, always screws up with Name translation, simply because it takes it literally. For example, the Protagonist is name “Ai”, but “Ai” can also mean “love.”  Thus translation errors ensue. Whenever you start playing your games, make sure you have a list of Names with it’s English Counterpart. You can start by checking the Character Tab at VNDB.

Tutorial Difficulty: Easy


  • Open your Translation Aggregator. Click “Enable Substitution” if its not checked.
  • Then click on “Substitutions…

You will get this dialogue. It’s really simple.

  1. Just copy and paste the Japanese text on the “Original Text”
  2. copy and paste the English text on the “Replacement Text”
  3. Click “Add”
  4. and when you’re done copy pasting everything click “Ok”
Substitution Lists I made
  1. Starry Sky
  2. Other Otome Games

This tutorial was crossposted at my tumblr account.


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