Ryunosuke’s After Summer

In this timeline, I noticed Miyaji’s usual scary attitude softens up a bit. Their supposed-to-be romantic firework scene with Tsukiko was cockblocked by Shiratori and Inukai.

While they were busy arguing, Koguma asked Yahisa to light up the fireworks with him, but Miyaji became jealous ∑(゜Д゜;)

Awww…poor baby—

Inukai then commented that Miyaji has leveled up, and asked Tsukiko “Do you think Miyaji was cool?

Tsukiko only gave a half-hearted response, but Miyaji wanted to know what she meant to the point that he grabbed her hand because she was about to make watermelons as an excuse to escape <丶´Д`>

Tsukiko still managed to escape though *Insert Miyaji Dissapoint Face Here*

Miyaji gave us a heart attack, he literally had us flipping tables at his adorkable behaviour. In terms of enjoyment, his route is on par with Homare’s: [Miyaji == Homare] > Azusa

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