Ryunosuke’s After Story

Miyaji’s route felt like Suzuya’s route but with slight improvements though like more interaction with other people and less jerosii moments. I’m just glad they didn’t left Makoto to be useless, but the lack of Azusa and Homare was vexing. As if the story writers felt like erasing their existence, or maybe they want Ryu’s fans to get the most of him, since he’s one of the most popular StaSky darling.

Miyaji and Tsukiko kept their relationship as a secret but later on, he told them not to lay their hands on her after getting jealous with Tsukiko and Inukai talking.  The baka trio always mocks Miyaji for being such a Ren-ai Noob, and helps them make their relationship better.

Their couple fights mainly consists of Miyaji not touching Tsukiko (such a needy faggot) and there were no over the top drama moments (like going abroad or picking fights). Ryu’s brothers are good-looking too, especially Taiga..he’s uber cute! (But of course I still prefer Naoshi’s younger brother..Nuhahahaha).

I’m so happy that After Story reveals a bit of story in Makoto’s relationship with her team mates Ai and Yuzuru. In Azusa’s after story, we see a bit of Ai’s jealousy over Makoto’s fondness of Oguma, but in this episode, Makoto actually likes a guy, though I’m not sure to whom she really liked. She did felt relieved that Yuzuru is actually interested in dating and mentioned that Ai was never interested in liking someone.


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