Homare’s After Summer

A: I was surprised too, when I found out that you have to finish After Summer story to unlock the After Story. It’s totally opposite from ~After Winter~ where the after story routes are already unlocked.

Update: I found out that every game has different ways to start, After Autumn had the most choices~

Homare: Hey, Tsukiko. Would you drop “Kanakubo-sempai” and call me “Homare” instead?

The After Summer story takes you to the timeskip versions of everyone celebrating in the pub —recalling Miyaji, Tsukiko, Inukai, and Shiratori’s last year in the archery club.

Homare was there to supervise with their training, there were 3 new members that were introduced as well.

The after story was pretty long, but I’m glad it gave importance to the club members and the baka trio. After Homare’s route in after summer, the timeskip discussion in the pub ends with everyone from the archery group congratulating Homare and Tsukiko’s marriage. Miyaji looks so ronri (●´∀`●)


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